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Reaper Bones 3: US Zone Complete


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I've seen a package from Wave 4 pass through today, so they seem to be doing the odd 'leftover' in-between others.


When did you lock in?


And... you did use the same email as on KickStarter?

(Have to ask. From reading the comments on KS there seems to have been at least one user who did that... )

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11 minutes ago, SamuraiJack said:

Remember too they could be getting some of those people who didnt lock in the PM finally doing so in the US..

I'm willing to bet there is a lot of this going on right now. People are checking in, realizing they should have their rewards by now, contacting Reaper (or they did so a while ago and Reaper is finally able to get to their email and contact them back), and Reaper is helping resolve issues such as unlocked rewards, pledges not tied to accounts correctly, etc. Essentially sorting out the user errors. Since that happens back at Reaper HQ, it won't be taking resources from the other hubs, but will show up on the tracker.

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20 hours ago, Maledrakh said:

I am wave 1 and the packers are on wave 10.


not heard a peep apart from the form response to my query a week ago.


all I ever wanted was to know what is up with my shipment, Reaper?




Send them an email, usually they're pretty good in helping customers.


17 hours ago, Beagle said:

I've been in direct contact with the formidable Ladystorm and she's looking into things for me. 

Hopefully something will ship tomorrow


I hope you'll get your Bones now!!!


I have been looking at mine, there are a few smaller minis I don't care for much.

Thinking about putting them in a Box of Goodwill one of these days or maybe throw them on Evilbay.


The bigger ones are awesome.

I need more storage and display room.

We might need to buy a new house!!!


The Frost Giant Queen had a seriously bent staff, I will use the Hot/Cold water method.


Looking forward to assemble paint the big monsters.

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My Graveyard (and other stuff) has arrived.


Almost everything looks perfect (within expectations, I will never buy a Bones mini for the sharp detailed face), except I can't entirely figure out whether Mrs. Bones is meant to be a multi-part figure with a weirdly semi-fitting fireball hand or whether I got a bad (air bubbly?) copy of a single-part figure there.

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