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Erm, kinda but no. The points costs in the rulebook are way off and JoR1 was also used to reprice everything from the lowly light infantry base up to the big bad Rhino.


The rulebook's points costs work well, but they don't have as many 100s of player hours behind them :o)


If you can afford it, I heartily recommend both JoR's since they balance some elements of the game more (adjusted points costs) and also they add a certain element to CAV which many players I know consider it the crowning achievement - effective battlefield use of combined arms elements such as armour, infantry and ground attack aircraft.


Hope this helps some.

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Just to summarize in another way for you:


Main Rulebook: Great fluff; Correct Rules: INCORRECT data cards.


JOR1: Mostly CAV's; ALL units have been released; Errata and FAQ's; Correct data cards; and if you could only buy one JOR at this time... I'd recommend this one just to get you rolling while building a solid grasp of CAV gaming since a CAV unit IMO is what's it's all about.


JOR2: Mostly vehicles; Waiting for a number of models to reach their release dates; bit more errata and FAQ... the vehicle component of CAV gaming can really, and I mean really elevate the enjoyment of the game whenever you feel ready for it.


Naturally, I encourage you to get both books and the Big Dance novella for fun reading.

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