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20 January 2018
I.S.C. incursion in the 5th. Fleet area of the Federation Front. 
The I.S.C. force consists of:
DNM x 2  (Heavy Dreadnoughts)
HDDX     (Heavy X-Destroyer)
NDD        (New Destroyer)
HDD w/FSF x 2  (Heavy Destroyers w/ 2 fighters each)
DE           (Destroyer Escort)


The Federation force consists of: 

NCD x 3  (New Drone Light Cruisers)
NEC x 2  (New Escort Light Cruisers)

NCL        (New Light Cruiser)
Tug w/ Repair PodDSCI0001.thumb.JPG.a9c61db62c48562d9103e0b13327883a.JPG

The I.S.C. is about to find out they chose the wrong zone to attack.  The Feds opened up with a volley of Drones as soon as the I.S.C. enters their range limit.


The Drones have a high closure rate, just as the Plasmas but they do not diminish in strength due to range traveled.DSCI0006.thumb.JPG.a887348c9d304e629307f088ed37ef38.JPG

The response was to launch Plasma-Ds for Drone defense.  Unfortunately for him we carry far more Drones than he has Plasma-Ds.  Not to mention the Tug's Repair Pod has a lot of cargo space with many Drone reloads.

Every Turn we launch Drones, sending 32 Drones at him each round.  DSCI0008.thumb.JPG.da9660858d35257cc3ab0510801e43ba.JPGDSCI0009.thumb.JPG.1cc421baaadca5eab1be4eecd0e1f5b7.JPG

I launch a variety of Drones to keep him from knowing how much fire power he needs to destroy a Drone.  The armor on the Drones varies from 6 points of damage to 10 points of damage.  The warhead strength varies accordingly from 24 points to 10 points.  Once in a great while I will launch a Slug Drone at him that is all armor and no warhead that takes 14 points to destroy.  Needless to say by not using Tactical Intelligence, I keep him guessing and wasting fire power trying to destroy the Drones.DSCI0011.thumb.JPG.65fed05137614b548166667c77d8754f.JPGDSCI0013.thumb.JPG.3e54c5fe13df65ada23271b175fca17d.JPG

In this last case he did put the Drones under a tractor Beam.  On the right you can see the Plasma-Ds being launched.

I am continuing to launch Drones to keep him from using most of his fire power against my ships.DSCI0014.thumb.JPG.8bb63042de186e58b117c469c16f253e.JPGDSCI0015.thumb.JPG.b06d2a785b655837bcf841364e28336d.JPG

These three have the heavy B launchers that can launch for 6 turns in a row, the rest of the ships have 4 round launchers.

He is tending to drift toward my right flank as there are fewer launchers.  The sole NCL had 1 launcher but 4 Photon Torpedo launchers.DSCI0017.thumb.JPG.c004710e7b4199d6020c58cc21910b3a.JPG

While the 3 NCDs continue to over whelm the I.S.C. defenses, he is now in a close enough range to open up with his PPDs, a deadly weapon that has up to 4 impulses of damage against 3 shields at a time,if he hits... and he does against the NCL and one of the NECsDSCI0021.thumb.JPG.1fa0cd3a5121bb618e8aa01a2248bd6e.JPGDSCI0022.thumb.JPG.d1cb5361a3938e268473fcc3e4692b44.JPG

NEC on the left was hit hard.   At this point the right flank is giving up space to gain distance but with the 3 NCDs coming up behind, forces him to break off to gain distance.  In the upper photo 2 of his destroyers were hit, one receiving heavy damage.DSCI0023.thumb.JPG.ba74dacf9442ef833f9a0961daa6b052.JPGDSCI0024.thumb.JPG.a64793f6d74159b5d61843d22adda803.JPGDSCI0026.thumb.JPG.78ecde7270d42717f4effab57b1ba65b.JPG

Here you can see one less Destroyer , that received over 100 points in one strike alone.  He is pulling back at very high speed to recharge his PPDs and be able to come around and face us again in a reformed formation.


We are continuing the pursuit and launching more Drones.



He has tractored more Drones and more coming up his right flank.DSCI0029.thumb.JPG.c15c8df33aa4088611deb1faa68ebba8.JPG

He destroyed the tractored Drones and has come about toward the right flank.  Evidently he wants to attack that flank before the NCDs get too close.  They continue to launch.


At this point he did another PPD attack, the NCL (top of photo) just received a hammering just after this photo, as he moved in front of the damaged NEC (middle ship).   After this attack he retired from the field with another destroyer taking Drone damage with his Plasma-Ds depleted and needing to recharge and reload.


I.S.C. lost one and one damaged
Feds have two damaged


Historical note:  In prior battles against the Kzintis, the I.S.C. suffered severe losses to massed Drone attacks.  Needless to say he gets quite up tight when mass Drone launches occur, which is good for me as the I.S.C. can be deadly if allowed to focus on just taking out ships while getting close.






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Top Posters In This Topic

20 minutes ago, Watchman said:

We will use what ever ships we can find that will be close enough in scale and will fit a role we cannot find ships we need.


I here ya.  It's been decades since I last played SFB, but any time we could use miniatures the better.  Always hated managing stacks of the die-cut counters, especially if I was Klingon or Kizinti.

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Romulan Incursion

6th. Fleet Area of Operations

Star Date: 24 March


Situational update in case I had not made it clear as to what “Universe” we are functioning in. To start out Star Fleet Battles occurs in the Star Trek: T.O.S. era at a time before the falling out between Mr. Roddenberry and Mr. Joseph (Star Fleet Technical Manual) and his other work that fleshed out the Star Trek Universe.  His work is still evident up to Star Trek 6.  So Star Fleet Battles uses all the Federation ships Mr. Roddenberry originally approved and later rejected.  So I thought it would be a good idea the give a little history as to why there are different story/history lines in existence. I believe the new universe showed its existence in Star Trek VI when the Enterprise went from Earth, to Klingon, and then to Romulan Space.  A physical impossibility in the original universe, as it would take about 90 years at Warp 6 to get to the Klingon capital, and possibly that long to get to Romulan Space, unless Worm Hole travel is being utilized. Space in our own local area is quite immense. With current “visible” technology, I believe it would take about 70,000 years to get to our closest neighbor. So… on to the battle.


     A quite sizable Romulan force showed up on long range scan so we had time to have all weapons charged and ready to go. Our force consisted of four Drone Heavy Cruisers (CADR+) and three X-Heavy Cruisers (XCX).  We faced two Condor-H Heavy Dreadnoughts (CNH), a Firehawk-N Heavy Cruiser (FH-N), a Klingon Type New Heavy Cruiser (KWR), two King Eagle Heavy Cruisers (KE), and a Klingon Type New Heavy Scout (KWS).DSCI0002.thumb.JPG.4ce240be7527cd189018356f16b60eb6.JPG

     The visual record starts at the point the Romulans started to de-cloak, while advancing across a broad front, and the Drone Cruisers launched the first volley of Drones at seven per ship. The X-Cruisers are prepared to fire their Photon Torpedoes. DSCI0003.thumb.JPG.31824e60a7dcbd27fc1d6ade11cdad7c.JPG

     The main Romulan heavies begin to veer off seeing the approaching Drones heading for them and facing twelve Photon Torpedoes, mean while the Drone Cruisers maintain a safe distance.DSCI0004.thumb.JPG.5628f21e46da2bf97e5820e56c12e13c.JPG
     The Drone Cruisers are maneuvering to remain in the vicinity of the main heavies, also the x-ships now light up one of the Dreadnoughts on an un-reinforced shields. Unfortunately the shields are quite heavy for the Romulans and beyond effective range, (eight hexes) the Photon Torpedoes stand a better chance of hitting using them in the Proximity mode (half strength).

     Here are some close up shots from a Photo Recon Probe.DSCI0008.thumb.JPG.036a2b0b3ed56fa1a1e70542e272d9fb.JPGDSCI0009.thumb.JPG.a9330992745c0338b0efe7e0665f2097.JPGDSCI0010.thumb.JPG.00328d4b920f25478c66212fff6b9b5d.JPG

     The heavies continue to pull off with the rest of the other heavies providing a screen.DSCI0011.thumb.JPG.b18f95994b8938ff331974cd9da05679.JPG

     While this was going on two of the Drone Cruisers were sent on a mission to destroy the Scout setting way back. DSCI0012.thumb.JPG.c49c1b2551298c456b906c32163e9017.JPG  This would be a potential error, not sure if it would have been better to send two X-ships instead. The Romulan screen was maintained to keep the X-ships from getting to the main heavies as the X-ships have a ten hex range advantage over normal Photon Torpedoes.DSCI0014.thumb.JPG.fb05186330deb0457a8f5f0a4b5a8f10.JPG

     The Drone Cruisers continue to close in on the Scout.DSCI0013.thumb.JPG.075c910bbee03749d3c6775e56badd9e.JPGDSCI0018.thumb.JPG.72e58877e29624c10037fff50e329943.JPG

 DSCI0017.thumb.JPG.8f6b7ade2aa367d13690f4e47e7989f6.JPG    This is the point the Feds made a critical mistake by launching Drones at the main heavies thinking to distract them with little effect. DSCI0019.thumb.JPG.dcfe72dcfa6e97b07ae1c7af615b2de0.JPGThey should have held them to use against the Scout.DSCI0020.thumb.JPG.48397bba9a8b78fba20d395ec0c6f412.JPGDSCI0021.JPG.e6924f88d0a8bead9edf90046aac7027.JPGDSCI0022.thumb.JPG.b93f8ec82d746e278dbdf36b66a3b6cb.JPGDSCI0024.thumb.JPG.1c5ece97d49d64c55afb3ae6c9b6845b.JPGDSCI0025.thumb.JPG.4d4b6f8a52dde1136bbc4209596b9e63.JPG

     The Scout survived the concentrated Phaser fire and for our efforts both Cruisers ended up in a bad position, even though we were traveling at a very high speed.

     We launched another volley of Drones, but at this range the Romulans bolted (direct fire mode for Plasmas) their R- and S-type Torpedoes with devastating effect. Our shields on that side had pretty much been rendered useless.DSCI0025.thumb.JPG.4d4b6f8a52dde1136bbc4209596b9e63.JPG

     As we retreated we split up to try to keep the strongest shields toward the enemy.  Our skirmish line reacted a little too slowly in distracting their screening line, once they started to maneuver to head off the two Drone Cruisers.  One Cruiser on our right flank succumbed to concentrated direct fire on areas of downed shields. DSCI0028.thumb.JPG.b7358ba20f40b9fb8606f5edd3719bf3.JPGDSCI0029.thumb.JPG.300e9212d825ea7351abc6a5f290527f.JPGDSCI0030.thumb.JPG.a72489bf6be25bbbf153f6f3a67d5205.JPG

     We launched Drones from their front and rear, as well as the Photons were utilized. The second Cruiser passed through their screen but it also went down to concentrated fire and Plasma-Fs.DSCI0031.thumb.JPG.c912e5168269aa1892a346fcf4f8d5f3.JPGDSCI0032.thumb.JPG.b82e7ed3778a56fcb2f3edc35758b49c.JPG

     The Romulans broke off the attack with their backs to us, while the rest of our ships closing in.  The one action the Romulans learned long ago to not let happen, is let the Feds get to point blank range while they are Cloaked.  An attack at that range, even without a lock-on can be very devastating with combined Phaser and Photon fire. 

     Over all the Romulans won with two ships with light damage, while we lost two ships.  It is time for more reinforcements in this Sector.


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Inter Stellar Concordium (I.S.C.) - Romulan Front

Star Date 20180901


            I.S.C. Force                                                                 Romulan Force


Command Cruiser                                                        K8R Heavy Cruiser x4

Strike Cruiser x2                                                          KWR Heavy Cruiser x3

Escort Cruiser

Destroyer Leader x2

X- Destroyer


            Once again the I.S.C. is finding it quite difficult in being the Galactic Police Force, attempting to stop all wars between all races… with war!  They are finding the Romulans a particularly tough nut to crack, as well as the Feds.  The Feds are facing that problem with a majority of heavy ship construction going to that front.  The I.S.C. front can be covered with many Light Drone Cruisers by over whelming the I.S.C.s defenses and at the same time keep them, and the Romulans guessing what type of Drone is coming at them.

            DSCI0284.thumb.JPG.2b0a1d25edcc72c07fd2a26965769db6.JPGDSCI0285.thumb.JPG.3e5b32913de00c1a8746c6f6ef3790b8.JPGThe I.S.C. moved towards the left flank to face the three KWRs and open fire with their PPDs, but on one of the K8Rs that closed ranks, doing extensive damage.  Once fired, the I.S.C. began a retrograde move to keep their front shields toward the Romulans.DSCI0286.thumb.JPG.0f62ed1ad05d837c7d37a3de856e92fe.JPGDSCI0287.thumb.JPG.1efdc7d8e7d03a5bdbe736f644b352c9.JPG  Eventually the I.S.C. reversed course again and moved up on the Romulans that decided to go at a snail’s pace. Once again shots were traded, Romulans using Plasma Bolts frequently.DSCI0289.thumb.JPG.8d31135dc32443232c65c8527ea83529.JPGDSCI0290.thumb.JPG.9e209445a8b18c6d36f05713b04505c0.JPG The Romulans launched Plasmas, hitting the X-Destroyer, purple based ship, obtaining a critical hit on the

Warp Drive
. (Battle Damage: Code Red cards)  This resulted in it being towed for the rest of the turn and the next. DSCI0291.thumb.JPG.ca60f12b643450d0cd89644e3c20c1b1.JPG The Romulans broke off to recharge with the I.S.C. in pursuit, but unable to do much of anything due to cloaking.  DSCI0292.thumb.JPG.11a36a1b26081e1d0769086c1e62f7b8.JPGThe Romulans eventually rejoined battle, allowing the I.S.C. to close in before unleashing a rather large barrage of various sized Plasmas. DSCI0293.thumb.JPG.f39a0e9d4b251fe07747d26e044cd369.JPGDSCI0294.thumb.JPG.ce441fe8f17cfa4f5a25359e2fd7a7b7.JPGDSCI0295.thumb.JPG.e506e743344ae1e14633c58bc8513996.JPG This resulted in the Command Cruiser and a Destroyer Leader taking damage in their attempt to break off and almost out run the Plasmas. DSCI0296.thumb.JPG.c22bdb690e6c0afc7c72f006a09289bf.JPGDSCI0297.thumb.JPG.8912c4c6b3e8aa083c3f1c12f84d35fc.JPG The I.S.C. retired from the area with three damaged ships and the Romulans, one with critical damage.  DSCI0298.thumb.JPG.e49ca0701fbcc235a4f61e147a9abf7c.JPG

            Since the rules changes, years ago for the Romulans, they have been extremely difficult to combat.  Even though we have been performing these battles for over twenty years, eventually the Feds will win due to their economic strength; they will out produce everyone else.  Technically the I.S.C. is the second in economic power, but has sustained heavy losses.  The I.S.C. can be over come with massed Drone attacks, the Romulans will have to be over whelmed by mass ship attacks.  Almost all light ships (Frigates and non-X-ship Destroyers) and Carriers have been withdrawn and moved to the Tholian/Klingon/Kzinti fronts. The Fed Fleet grows stronger every year, planning for a minimum of twelve ships per Squadron, time will tell.


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I remember my last game all too well.  Kizin vs feds vs Romulan.  The Romulan had stasis boxes, the kizin had drone pods and by turn 3 it was getting hard to find space on the map that didn't have something that needed to be moved in it.


It was fun but took a long time to resolve.  I graduated at that point and moved away but I'm told the kizin and Romulan signed a non aggression/non ally pact just to make sure that never happened again.

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1 hour ago, Corsair said:

A friend of mine loved this game and had me paint up a bunch of the Micro Machine minis and decal them for him. He has passed on and left them to me. Wondering if anyone around here knows how to play it.

It’s been years since I played. One of my friends was really into it but I owned the game. We used cardboard tokens as we didn’t have the 3D minis of the ships.


Are you looking for an answer to a specific question? 

I cant make any promises but I’ll answer if I can.

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On 11/17/2018 at 9:53 PM, Corsair said:

A friend of mine loved this game and had me paint up a bunch of the Micro Machine minis and decal them for him. He has passed on and left them to me. Wondering if anyone around here knows how to play it.

I recommend checking out the links at the Star Fleet Games web site.  There are several links, one of which deals with battle groups, or contact.  I am sure they would know of groups or other sources of info.

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8 hours ago, klarg1 said:

These battle reports are pretty awesome, but I can't help but comment: "Needs more Hydrans". :upside:

True but not currently possible with the nature of this set up.  But that is not to say we could not take a breather from our 20+ years war to take on an external independent battle.  We will need to take an inventory of available ships for the Hydrans, Lyrans, and Klingons.

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14 hours ago, Watchman said:

True but not currently possible with the nature of this set up.  But that is not to say we could not take a breather from our 20+ years war to take on an external independent battle.  We will need to take an inventory of available ships for the Hydrans, Lyrans, and Klingons.


Tragic, but totally understandable.

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