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Inter Stellar Concordium (I.S.C.) - Federation Front
Star Date 20190217



            I.S.C. Force                                                                 Federation Force


DNM (Dreadnought, Medium)                                   CAR+ (Cruiser, Heavy, upgraded) x2
NCS (Cruiser, Strike System)                                     NEC (Cruiser, Escort, New) x3
HDD (Destroyer, Heavy)                                              NCS+ (Cruiser, Strike, New, upgraded) x3
NDD (Destroyer, Defense System) x2                      NAC+ (Cruiser, Aegis, New, upgraded)
FF (Frigate, Fast)                                                        (Andromedan DDs subbing for lack of CLs)


            [Note: I know it has been awhile since the last post, there have been two subsequent battles I did not report on as I have been rather lackadaisical lately since they changed the Forum around.  It was set up quite well as I had most things in visible reach, now everything is hidden. Reminds me of work, their motto is: “Fix it till it is broke”. So, enough of my rant, and on with the battle!] 


The battle is already in progress, (see note above). The I.S.C. is approaching at a fair clip, but the two CAR+s with the NAC+ race out to meet them.DSCI0049.thumb.JPG.fdeeff9606617235bfe2aa7cad57761a.JPG The purpose of the Fed maneuver is to close to Drone tracking range.  Once in 35 hex range, up to 36 Drones can be guided by the three ships up front.  So 5 Drones are launched from the front three ships and then the rest are launched from the ships in the rear, with tracking being transferred to the lead ships.  The bulk of the Fed forces are light ships, which would not last long against PPDs.  The point being, to use an old Earth saying (my Dad’s), when there is lead in the air, there is danger!  The front ships will stay out of effective PPD range to guide in the Drones, while the other ships move up to Drone launching range.  With nine ships I have the ability to control 108 Drones. This will turn into a rolling barrage of Drones that will deplete his Plasma-D defenses.

Once the I.S.C. sees what is headed his way, he decides to go after the lone CAR+, but I am not going to give him the satisfaction of giving the Cruiser any damage what-so-ever.DSCI0050.thumb.JPG.c1002e39a82db9e416664bf3da85492d.JPGDSCI0051.thumb.JPG.428054f5bb661942807aa3c37c96a30a.JPGDSCI0052.thumb.JPG.aace5bff17dddfd2fa15a6bb72603be5.JPGDSCI0053.thumb.JPG.9def169b9ca984f9ec72a2ce772e8e25.JPGDSCI0055.thumb.JPG.4e005539b604a2f2f727e8caf7ec8dc9.JPG  As we continue to advance upon each other, more Drones are being launched every turn. He decides, albeit too late, he does not have sufficient rounds of Plasma-Ds, or Phaser weapons, for that matter, to fend off all of the Drones inbound, and those that will be launched.  All the while I have been hitting him with Photon Torpedoes reducing his shields on the smaller ships.  The one CAR+ had fallen back, while the other CAR+ and the NAC+ were flanking the I.S.C.DSCI0056.thumb.JPG.738703e623f6bbfc134d9fa481f69069.JPG  Eventually the Drones were breaching his defenses and started to take a toll on his ships.DSCI0058.thumb.JPG.9dc5668b61307e60a13a2c1c16dc9eaf.JPGDSCI0059.thumb.JPG.06dcffe1757dd992fa674736decf0219.JPG DSCI0060.thumb.JPG.2f426ee8f91a0b5d68a23773a6b65099.JPGDSCI0061.thumb.JPG.b9e10e48007e0513b7fccf4f4c77ce38.JPGDSCI0062.thumb.JPG.38680e80878e4937ab5db8be71d54afd.JPGThe HDD was severely crippled, hence we by passed him to return later to take him in tow. DSCI0063.thumb.JPG.8ddf58e2c91d41999f0218caa9aba1d7.JPG Most of the Drones had 12 point warheads, a few 18 pointers.  The DE was hit in one volley with 72 points on top of prior damage.DSCI0064.thumb.JPG.c21f86a791c44ad68263832207af6629.JPG  At this point all I.S.C. ships were building up speed to disengage the battle.DSCI0065.thumb.JPG.3ac71234d9ec2a102042cf0bc1a27db8.JPGDSCI0066.thumb.JPG.9bbdfae4ece6011e3ed523d9e1da17d8.JPGDSCI0067.thumb.JPG.310c1447ea983624c628a50439a00808.JPGDSCI0068.thumb.JPG.73c5a957a9e5cd8c6e3677603015820c.JPGDSCI0070.thumb.JPG.53564e2305f9e723ad1f2778c85473b4.JPGOne of the NDDs was taking damage, but the DE was blown away, above.DSCI0071.JPG.a8437d4c726bc6b24d0e7bf73d5cf36a.JPG The crippled I.S.C. thought he could sneak back toward our line, but to no avail with his speed  down to a crawl.DSCI0072.thumb.JPG.e0cca438eb7c74f2328d348f3324dd4f.JPG Out come for us, no battle damage to our ship, having not been fired upon.  I.S.C. is down two ships, and one to dry dock for repairs. At the current rate of loss for the I.S.C., they will be knocked out of the battle unless they sue for peace with one of us. My guess would be the us with our production rate of Drone Cruisers so high.

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15 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

Great report!  Those drones were effective but hard to keep track of.  Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

Not that difficult, with numbers on the Drones and color coding for the different strengths, to keep him guessing.  Different tactics are required for the Romulans with their Cloaking.  The more Drones I can launch the sooner his defense weapons run out of ammo.  Psychologically it rattles the I.S.C. more than the Romulans since he cannot escape by Cloaking.  Fun it was, especially since not one of my ships was shot at.

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Battle of 20190511
Romulan attack on Federation
6th. Fleet, Sector I/C/3

Opposing Forces

                   Federation                                     Romulan



                                                       CC+    Command Cruiser, Upgraded                               FH-N       Firehawk-N
                                                       DNG    Dreadnought                                                           KEH        King Eagle, Heavy
                                                       CAR+  Heavy Cruiser, Full Upgrades                              SkH-A-X  Skyhawk-A (X-ship)
                                                       CAR+  Heavy Cruiser, Full Upgrades                              SkH-A-X  Skyhawk-A (X-ship)
                                                       CAR+  Heavy Cruiser, Full Upgrades                              STE         Destroyer, Heavy
                                                       CAR+  Heavy Cruiser, Full Upgrades                              EE           Destroyer, Escort
                                                       NCS+  Light Strike Cruiser, Upgraded   

                    The action begins with the Federation closing the distance at high speed. We concentrate on the left flank. Putting ourselves in close would, hopefully, keep the Romulans from cloaking.


  As is standard practice we get the Drones out A.S.A.P. as Federation heavy weapons are quite useless unless you have many for long distance Proximity attacks.


  Their strength is half or less. Effective range starts at 12 hexes and that is mostly considered suicide in front of a Romulan, or any of the races actually.  With Plasmas ranging 30 hexes at 32 speed, you normally do not out run them. Also they can turn them into a direct fire weapon, a Plasma Bolt, which will do half the damage but still put a hurting on your ship.  The Federation X-Cruiser can just hold it’s own against the Romulans, but are working on an upgrade with more powerful and longer ranged Photon Torpedoes.  The current loss rate is totally unacceptable.

            The Romulans are attempting to counter our Drones with their defensive Plasma-Ds and launching Plasmas on the ships in the mean time.  Once we launch and fire Photons, we high tail it and the Romulan heavies are starting to close in to cover the weaker ships we concentrated on.


  We are able to do some damage on their heaviest ship, but it took 20 Photon Torpedoes with Proximity fire to do so.  But the trade off is damage to the Dreadnought and a lost heavy cruiser in the initial engagement.  As you will note the Dreadnought less it's escorting Heavy Cruiser. One aspect to battling the Romulans is in their reload time for their Plasmas.


  During this time we try to close as much as possible to take advantage of their fade in time.  There are 6 impulses of movement to fire and run for the hills before they can return fire.



            They eventually they make the decision to break off the attack with their defensive Plasmas expended, but all-in-all they damaged two ships and destroyed one at the cost of one damaged ship.


  The Federation was the superior force, point value wise due to the Dreadnought.  Without it the forces would have been even cost wise.  Weapon wise the Romulans are clearly superior with the help of the Cloaking devise.  Here is an updated version of the Star Fleet Tech Manual map, showing races outside the original six main races, when you include the cartoons' Kzinti, from ToS era.






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                                                Battle of 20190622
                         Inter Stellar Concordium Invasion of Federation
                                              5th. Fleet, Sector I/B/2

                                                  Opposing Forces

                               Federation/Kzinti                             I.S.C.



        NCS+ Light Strike Cruiser, Upgraded  DNM Dreadnought, Medium
        NCS+ Light Strike Cruiser, Upgraded  NCS Hvy Cruiser, Strike System
        NCS+ Light Strike Cruiser, Upgraded  NCS Hvy Cruiser, Strike System
        NCS+ Light Strike Cruiser, Upgraded  HDD Destroyer, Heavy
        NCS+ Light Strike Cruiser, Upgraded  HDD Destroyer, Heavy
        KzCC Command Cruiser, Kzinti          NDD Destroyer, System Defense
        KzBCH Battle Cruiser, Heavy, Kzinti    NDD Destroyer, System Defense
        KzDWS Destroyer, War, Scout, Kzinti
        KzFNL Cruiser, Light, New, Federation Conversion


            The I.S.C. just stepped into a Hornets nest. A Kzinti Fleet was relocated along the I.S.C. (Gorn) and Romulan borders in a program to give Kzintis a wider combat experience and a Federation ship modification experiment to Kzinti specifications, the FNL being the first.

            The battle is already in progress with the Federation racing forward to close the distance with the I.S.C. to be in Drone launch range (35 hexes) and to be able to guide Kzinti Drones handed off from their position.DSCI0001.thumb.JPG.95250853b8947a72ff9510842da30441.JPGDSCI0002.thumb.JPG.0b329bb008d77fb6e1be694904ce49eb.JPG Kzinti ships are not as durable as Federation ships when dealing with R, S, and G plasmas, nor the I.S.C.’s PPDs.       The Kzinti Drones are more powerful than Federation models but regardless the more Drones there are, the easier it is to over come the I.S.C.’s defenses and cause their commander to suffer information overload as to which Drones to concentrate on. I include dummy Drones that are all armor and no explosives, and ranges to, little armor and most explosives, so his neglect of Tactical Intelligence has him using insufficient firepower to take out a Drone. More times than not, he will be so focused on the close in threat as to neglect to fire his PPDs, a nasty weapon for its four impulses of fire against three shields at each impulse, or equivalent to 12 hit per turn.  Did I mention he usually brings on enough ships to carry 8 PPDs, a potential 96 hits of varying strengths based upon range.

            Drones away, as well the Federation breaks off as to maintain distance from the PPDs, but not before the lead Cruiser incurs some PPD hits.DSCI0003.thumb.JPG.68e30714991681d8f2ab2890443d4abe.JPG The Light Cruisers are not able to go against the big ship and possibly not the smaller, considering the Drones are the only heavy weapons they carry.  The Light Cruisers at best can bring six, Phaser Is on target per ship. Whereas the (small?) I.S.C. Destroyers fire Phasers and Plasmas.DSCI0004.thumb.JPG.e2f73195dbbe29b4b5a23b6bffb80834.JPG 

            We continue to keep the pressure on launching Drones every turn.DSCI0009.thumb.JPG.c5e5381e9ea060ef55515ccbb7ce5b8b.JPGDSCI0010.thumb.JPG.d816005701b80a96beb050dfed50a6aa.JPG  This allows the Kzintis to close in to lock-on range, which will allow us to double the amount of Drones going down range.  He knows how powerful the Federation Drones are and does not even want to tangle with the Kzintis’.DSCI0008.thumb.JPG.811fc59d350a8471396b9d2bca783796.JPG  When they close enough, they launch four, Patrol Frigates (Pseudo Fighters to some), to add to the Drone swarm.DSCI0015.thumb.JPG.240955a044727d4461435a4d0cfea0bc.JPG  The I.S.C. has sweated enough on this run and decided a retrograde maneuver is the most expedient move to make, as his defensive D-Plasmas have run out.DSCI0016.thumb.JPG.62b73f993dfeba497429bd5404194b8d.JPGDSCI0017.thumb.JPG.e655dda1e0fb3a734370f6386f8fea5c.JPG  His shields have not DSCI0018.thumb.JPG.d3afa11a4c69440a49f16e1374c27754.JPGDSCI0019.thumb.JPG.a0d5daf765169f7cc9b3b706d65d579a.JPGbeen breached up to this point, so facing 35 Drones per launch from just the Federation would absolutely over whelm his Phasers.  The most powerful Drone is 18 points, which would dent any shield, as for the Kzinti, 24 points would drop many a shield.  The forces were fairly even in combat points.  Moral wise it was an allied victory, driving off the I.S.C., but suffered minor damage to the lead NCL and causing no damage to the enemy.





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Battle of 20190729
Romulan Invasion of Federation
6th. Fleet, Sector I/A/2

Opposing Forces:


                                               Federation                                                        Romulan


                                                                         Command Cruiser (CC+)                                 New Heavy Cruiser (KWR)

                                                                         Battle Cruiser (BCH)                                        New Heavy Cruiser (KWR)

                                                                         Battle Cruiser (BCG)                                        King Eagle (KEH)

                                                                         Upgraded X-cruiser (CX+)                              King Eagle (KEH)

                                                                         Upgraded X-cruiser (CX+)                              King Eagle (KEH)

                                                                         Upgraded Heavy Cruiser (CAR+)                   Escort Cruiser (KDA)

                                                                         Upgraded Heavy Cruiser (CAR+)                   Destroyer (DD-E)

                                                                         Upgraded Heavy Drone Cruiser (CADR+)    Destroyer (DD-E)

                                                                         Upgraded Heavy Drone Cruiser (CADR+)    Destroyer (DD-E)

                                                                        Upgraded New Scout Light Cruiser (NSC+)New Scout Cruiser (KWS)DSCI0001.thumb.JPG.028ea559b0271b54cb42d5e1534bb63a.JPG DSCI0002.thumb.JPG.894f472f5449ca01e8bd46a89666e339.JPGDSCI0003.thumb.JPG.53f3d3cf2e14f48facfeb6982695e1e4.JPG


                           This battle was most fortunate for the Federation and a shocker for the Romulans due to the timely arrival of the CX+ ships.  DSCI0004.thumb.JPG.56ab37e090c16fd33ebf0e900545b6b8.JPGThe first shock was the ability of the Photons to reach out to 60 hexes with a harder punch.  The second shock was finding out the close in effective range was much greater and an automatic hit.  So the battle started with the normal routine, with both sides failing to use Tactical Intelligence, which was far more critical for the Romulans.  The first shock rattled him so much so as to cause his judgment to falter.  He started to use his Plasmas as direct fire Bolt weapons and continue to do so for the length of the battle. DSCI0005.thumb.JPG.1c4a63d3e60df61c490fc19be755d911.JPG His mistake was compounded when a misunderstanding exposed the fact the two CX ships were stationary and would have been sitting ducks. DSCI0006.thumb.JPG.25dc3a5f53fdb165bc4ab969b226727e.JPG He closed to the Photon’s effective range, Bolting at the time.  Also he was more focused on the Command Cruiser reversing from the firing zone. DSCI0007.thumb.JPG.a6debf4af8041bcbaa9b87d013fc3013.JPGDSCI0008.thumb.JPG.7062a84486fa2bf399a2894f71f2d00a.JPG I unleashed 10 Photon Torpedoes at 80 points, blowing away his shield and inflicting considerable damage.  My not using Tactical Intelligence caused me to fire upon a less valuable ship, but it was sufficient to cause him to retire from the field. DSCI0009.thumb.JPG.4a028992e76103f82f13c06436d81761.JPG I sustained no damage to any ship; just the front shields on the two X-ships were damaged.  Needless to say he was not pleased one little bit.  He has been use to routinely destroying a Federation or I.S.C. ship, but now the battle on my front with him is now a level playing field, although I will need to remember he may not be using the Bolt mode as often.DSCI0010.thumb.JPG.d0375724fb15a9bb04b948b03e530763.JPG  The I.S.C. on both fronts is probably going to need to be more aggressive in pressing his attacks as his PPD weapons inflict damage on three shields simultaneously for four hits in a turn, that is if his PPDs lock on, that could take down three shields in one hit.  The longer he waits on my front the more Drone Cruisers will be facing him, and this just about destroys his combat effectiveness.  His focus on the Drones causes him to lose sight of the fact Light Cruisers face him that he could blow away.  The Romulan side stands a better chance if he could weather the Plasmas to get in close.  They will Cloak in an instant as soon as the range of the PPD becomes a very real threat.  If he can get in close the Romulan will stay cloaked, but the I.S.C. could do damage with direct-fire weapons in “Combat Without a Lock-on” mode.  His mass of Phasers and using his Plasmas in Bolt mode would cause serious damage.

                           So the Romulans vacate the area hastily, and we suffer no structural damage.DSCI0011.thumb.JPG.5af6d8e775720628cb87c1855b54348f.JPGDSCI0012.thumb.JPG.a635cec22b4e0f1581e38438a98a4a96.JPG  Hopefully the other X-ships being upgraded get to the front sooner than later, now we see how effective they are in stemming the Romulan aggression.





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Inter Stellar Concordium incursion to the

5th. Fleet Area, Sector 5/I/B/2



I.S.C.                                     Federation


             Strike Cruiser (CS)                                    New Mauler Light Cruiser (MCL+)
             Medium Dreadnought (DNM)                  New Strike Light Cruiser (NCS+)
             Strike Cruiser (CS)                                    New Jersey class Battle Cruiser (BCJ)
             Escort Destroyer (DE)                              New Drone Light Cruiser (NCDr+)
             Heavy Destroyer (HDD)                            New Drone Light Cruiser (NCDr+)
             New Destroyer (NDD)
             New Destroyer (NDD)




          The opening movement has both forces racing toward each other. DSCI0003.thumb.JPG.1b60cb8596b846af336cf7761a52f65a.JPGDSCI0004.thumb.JPG.db3e4ea0a23547361959e44bee612a35.JPGThe aggressive move on the Feds behalf has surprised the ISC commander. The Mauler moved in behind the Strike Cruiser for cover as to not take fire right at the beginning, not that there is much danger of that normally, since no one seems inclined to use Tactical Intelligence to see what is coming at them. The Mauler being used by the Federation has pretty much been a failure due to the need to be close to the enemy to be effective.
     The force coming to a halt puzzles him.  A new defense strategy was prepared but was found unnecessary with the high volume of Drones that could be put on target: 23 each turn for four consecutive turns then 14 for the next two turns while the other Drone Racks are reloaded. 
DSCI0005.thumb.JPG.344349c639af3395a7ecfaad54ba8a7b.JPG This has always un-nerved the ISC Commander which causes him to react with, it appears, excessive caution. DSCI0009.thumb.JPG.35a2ff88645697668bda3c34b11fa577.JPG His focus is more toward the Drone missiles than their source.  DSCI0011.thumb.JPG.73457beb5e68cb0e76c4554e5531f136.JPG


His small ships, other than the Escort, are as strong as the Federation’s Light Cruisers.

          Eventually his defensive Plasma-Ds run out and his Tractor Beams are all in use holding Drones and insufficient Phaser Fire leaves him exposed to several hits, causing damage to three of his ships while the Federation ships withstand a barrage of PPDs relatively unscathed.  DSCI0015.thumb.JPG.5d8ea90673aa600f4dc30cbc258a5abd.JPGDSCI0014.thumb.JPG.43f13c7ecb6b587551d5a0632cf6c9ed.JPGDSCI0016.thumb.JPG.a3514c86c4e2cfce873ca66fa3316040.JPGThe ISC decides to perform a retrograde action with the Federation in pursuit.  Since the ISC force was backing away, they needed to turn around to perform a disengagement action, and then perform a maximum speed run for one turn thereafter to actually disengage.  Two of the Federation ships had flanked the ISC at a distance and were sending Drones into the ISC force with the other ships in pursuit. DSCI0017.JPG.435e8ebf433d146db64014e3cea3426d.JPGDSCI0018.thumb.JPG.84d6c661799eeaceeb98445f414d891e.JPGDSCI0019.thumb.JPG.c99a3fbc6324fba8b46a5c865dd47ea3.JPGThe ISC did succeed in disengaging, albeit more damage.  As long as the ISC Commander never presses his attack against Federation ships and focuses on the Drones we will continue to wait him out until his defensive weapons run out.  With the number of PPDs he usually has in his force he could cripple a few ships before I could disengage and retreat off the field of battle. 


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28 minutes ago, Reverend Shartan said:

SFB.....I remember this game fondly. 


Nice to see others playing the game :)


Reverend Shartan

Ours is a modified version incorporating strategic/economic component from Federation Space.  Each game represents one month of actual time, covering travel time to and from the front to the nearest Battle Station and the battle itself.  At year's end ship construction is planned for the next year. Battles occur concurrently: Fed vs Romulan, Fed vs ISC, ISC vs Romulan.

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Star Fleet Battles Ship Roster


          The oldest ships are the white Federation Heavy Cruisers, Destroyers, and Scouts.  The first two Heavy Cruisers are the oldest; one having the barest of detail and the second having an un-keyed stand hole. These were acquired in the 70s.  While in Tech School in Keesler AFB, Biloxi, Mississippi in 74, TSgt Zocchi was my instructor in RADAR school and I ended up working with him in the beginning of Gamescience formation and was a Play Tester for the Star Trek game that had square cards for ships and a string for range and bearing.  I have the Enterprise and a D7 around here; I believe it is a signed copy of the game.

          Probably half of the Federation ships have the large stand hole, which works far better than the small hole type. I have never broke off a large pin since the 70s. DSCI0001.thumb.JPG.155cd0abbbd4e7b27cd45e81e7c69beb.JPG

The first row is a collection of various companies’ ships, plastic and metal.  Next to them are the Frigates and the very small Heavy Cruisers I use for Police Cruisers.  A large force of Zocchi Heavy Cruisers, then Destroyers behind them, next Scouts (you need good eyes to see the difference between the two).  Beside those are two Carriers and the Tugs in various configurations.  Next the Dreadnoughts, New Light Cruisers, one ship from a time period beyond our game scope, (we stopped at the ISC) Battle Cruisers and Old Light Cruisers behind them.DSCI0003.thumb.JPG.0d7923be466dfb36ab7369d4be074fcc.JPG

Next picture has the Klingons, Lyrans, and Romulans, and in the way back are freighters and some Kzintis.   Note the three painted Klingons near the front were painted by creating the color as per the painting guide, I do not know if the color is now made or if I need to recreate it to finish the job.DSCI0004.thumb.JPG.4d7f07aaabc62fa1c941d1889fd6a4bb.JPG

Next picture starts with the Hydrans, then the Tholians, and the Neo-Tholians in back along with all the Kzintis behind them.DSCI0005.thumb.JPG.4efe8fd463b46078a0930d3aa9855131.JPG

Last picture has the I.S.C., Gorns, Wyn, and Andromedans.

Originally I had planned to build the complete Star Fleet as per the Star Fleet Tech Manual, and I did acquire the 20 Dreadnoughts but alas it seems the Zocchi ships are no long being sold.  I consider them the finest models produced to date.  I have not seen another company reproduce the raised shield grid on their ships, only score markings.

So if anyone sees the Zocchi ships being sold again let me know so I can complete the force.  As a side note, Frans Joseph had a better grasp on the size fleet needed to cover the Federation Treaty Territory.  Based upon the TOS and the Star Fleet Tech Manual, the 5 year mission would have been impossible concerning the distances covered, not to mention the rather skimpy force indicated in the the movies to protect such a vast treaty territory.


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8 minutes ago, Corsair said:

I was thinking of the original ST:TOS I believe it was in the episode featuring the M5 computer.

That would still fall in line with the TM's first group based upon how fast the ships were brought on line.  Getting toward the movies era, ships are few and far between.

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