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Romulan incursion of the 7th Fleet area,
next to Tholian Space.



                                                                                             Opposing Forces:



                           BCJ+    Cruiser, Battle                                      KWR Cruiser, Battle, New
                    CAR+    Cruiser, Heavy, refit                             KWR Cruiser, Battle, New
                    CAR+    Cruiser, Heavy, refit                             KE   Cruiser, Heavy, King Eagle
                    CAR+    Cruiser, Heavy, refit                             KE   Cruiser, Heavy, King Eagle
                    CAR+    Cruiser, Heavy, refit                             KWS  New Scout
                    CADR+ Cruiser, Drone, refit                              KDA   Cruiser, Escort
                    CADR+ Cruiser, Drone, refit                              RR  Destroyer, Raven (lost in action)
                    NCS+   Cruiser, Strike, New (Drone)
                    DD+     Destroyer, refit
                    SC        Scout                                                     K= Klingon variant




       A new way of engaging the Romulans is being employed with this battle. A more defensive posture will be adhered to throughout this engagement to attempt to reduce the extent of damage received heretofore. We move in quickly, to about 1/3rd overall distance to the Romulan force and halt our advance. DSCI0003.thumb.JPG.db06ba2aaf1813430debf0c994587ca8.JPGOur time is spent finishing the powering up of the Photon Torpedoes, preparing Wild Weasel shuttles, and front shield reinforcement.  Once the distance is close enough, and when the Romulans begin to de-cloak, we begin launching Drones of varying Warhead strengths and armor thickness to keep him guessing the extent that he will be required to expend Phaser and Plasma-D resources to stop a Drone.DSCI0004.thumb.JPG.8356553cbd4f0c59be7308b514e34fe4.JPGDSCI0005.thumb.JPG.05eba791e3d1787cfbfd95c38b4b9ec4.JPG  He has a limited Plasma-D compliment then he will have to strictly rely on Phaser fire or Tractor Beams to capture them. The primary plan is to position the Photon armed ships to either flank; Drone Launch platforms with the Scout in the center.DSCI0006.thumb.JPG.17aa3c47e7aad41a36e16e98cdc87092.JPGDSCI0007.thumb.JPG.9977e3e384771d9b3b953a60df01f230.JPGDSCI0008.thumb.JPG.e0ddc52248e9d490f2e3a8c32fba94a5.JPG  This will facilitate the Photons firing across the front into the flanks on the opposite side of the front, using Proximity fuses. It is a rarity to ever use normal Photons against the Romulans or I.S.C. if the Feds intend to survive.  (The one time it was used effectively against the Romulans was during a time they were cloaked and I was able to close to point blank range. The Romulan learned that day Normal charged Photons can be deadly at point blank, even without a lock-on. The Feds have never been allowed to get close again.)  The first volley is successful with fourteen Photon Torpedoes penetrating a side shield of the center ship (RR) on the right flank. Twelve Photons heavily damaged the side shield on the center ship (KDA) of the left flank. Now to begin backing away to recharge and let the Drones distract him while we gain time to rearm.  DSCI0009.thumb.JPG.ca79b2cbdef5e15436f429d02c3534f3.JPGDSCI0010.thumb.JPG.cd08018028c5e1f747233246b393eb0c.JPGDSCI0011.thumb.JPG.5a19a83c1a744e128e2d4a9a9089effb.JPGDSCI0012.thumb.JPG.5fb7acb8958672c0f73d54f607807e05.JPG  In the mean time with the Drones homing in, the Romulan gets his Plasma-Ds in action, eventually taking them out but with added expenditure due to uparmored Drones present.  The chase is on and we reach a point of being ready to reengage. At a dead stop with Tactical Maneuvering we keep our heavily reinforced shields toward the Romulan advance. He is thrown off by a sudden change in Federation tactics, so much so he opts for using his Plasmas as direct fire weapons, at one half strength at the current range. The shields hold, although the Heavy Cruiser on the far right flank came close to losing his front shield, having been shot at with R, S, and F Plasmas, fortunately not all hit.DSCI0023.thumb.JPG.4b203516e37aed944e1ac1d11ff40748.JPG We fire off another barrage of Photons doing more internal damage to the RR. The next round of the engagement is a, push the Romulans back, until he is recharged then the Feds back off until recharged. DSCI0024.thumb.JPG.5a76f5910b460e0e8e4c6ceb561c59e1.JPG In the course of backing off once again the flanks ended up changing sides.  DSCI0025.thumb.JPG.435ccf7efdad46fe4d24045cf819c2b0.JPGOnce again we go after the Romulans as they back off to recharge but this time all the Photon ships fire at once at the rear shield of the RR and in a once-in-a-lifetime shot, every Photon scored damage. DSCI0026.thumb.JPG.a2e24efc3c0292d75e836143eea13724.JPG The RR was blown apart, at which point the Romulans decided to retire from the area. DSCI0027.thumb.JPG.70c2ce11ad85666cd4c88e7295c9738b.JPGDSCI0028.thumb.JPG.8ba9bf4dc7b494bdf442f0acc3faf1ef.JPGThis is a first major victory for the Federation against the Romulans, without losing a ship or suffering heavy damage… or any damage in this case.  It was a hard fought battle that hopefully will reduce the loses/damage the Feds have been sustaining.





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