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The kdm wolverine mbt

John Bear Ross

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It's mean, ugly, and huge...and it's here to put a large hole through your pretty CAV.


Turret and Flamethrower-Cupola can swivel independent of each other (see pic 5). †Inspiration was the M-60A3, plus a smattering of Leopard (the track guards).


Pic 6 brings new meaning to the word "Crunchy"


KDM Wolverine

Tracked Tank

DT's 4

Gauss Cannon (Main)

Flamethrower (Secondary)

MM 12


TL 2










Let me know what you think...



John Bear Ross

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JB, very nice!


That is one enormous flamer. †Matches up nicely with the CAV mounted ones.


Now the CAV universe is finally getting some serious tankage.


The only thing I would think about changing is the tread width. †In the front-on view, they somehow look like they could be a tad wider. †Just a thought.

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I love the thing. But I would just stretch it out in the X (Just a little) and Y (the rear) a little more, to give it some stability when firing. especailly on inclines, it might come up a little top heavy plus with more space for an engine, you could bump the speed up a little. Thats my future MBT you guys are talking about.

carry on

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