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Question on cemetery fences

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Hi there,


Relatively new to the forums, and not sure where to post this question, but are there instructions/ illustrations on building the cemetery fences from the cemetery add on to Kickstarter 3? There are corner posts that have odd caps/floor "plugs" for them, that I can't quite figure out...


I'd also love to see illustrations of how people assembled them to accommodate the mausoleum, or if they built the cemetery fences to sit next to/ alongside the mausoleum?


Thanks for any help, and apologies if this isn't the right place!

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Yeah I was not sure about them but I also had my "columns" upside down it seems when i took the pic of the graveyard set..  From what I have seen since the open area is the top and not sure if it was done this way for a reason or not. Maybe you can glue them in with the "spikes" facing up if toy want that look or glue them in upside down if you want flat tops.


It did not dawn on me at the time that they were not upright like the ones with the gate.  Now when I look at this pic I can see it.  Still no clue if those bits go on with the spikes up or not.


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Based on the alignment of the columns that are part of the gate, my assumption was that the columns go with the wide cap on TOP, rather than on bottom.  (Plus, it's easier to put the columns flush with fencing that way, as the fence pieces don't have an inset to accommodate a wider base.)  The little square inserts appear to go into the gap in what is then the cap of the column.  Why are there those bizarre "toenail" bits on the squares?  I assume those are either to be trimmed off, or else I'm supposed to file the reverse side flat (which has some text on it).  Going this route, I'm going to have to glue the columns to something, because they don't stand all that sturdy on their own -- and especially not if I want to perch anything atop those flat pedestal tops.  


(I'm thinking of maybe using some interesting-looking plastic beads that I usually use for dungeon "urns."  Otherwise, I don't think I have enough copies of any one particular SMALL thing that I could perch atop those places.  Maybe some unused Bones familiars, a different one for each column?)

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