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Randalf Streisand

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I don't got to Gryphon often, but they have a good group there.  I got to 3rd Saturday pretty regularly.  I won't be there the next 2 months though sadly.  I hope to show up to Gryhpon again soon.  This weekend is their Iron Painter I know.  24 hours of painting.

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Gees I just read about that Iron Painter and it sounds awesome!  


I think the 3rd Saturday would be my best bet as I remembered my son and daughter have youth scouts on Mondays ("boy" scouts now officially accepts girls!).  And who can pass up a gyro?!


Anyways, look forward to seeing more of Randalf!

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I went to paint group last night at Gryphon Games and Comics in Ft. Collins.  I got a lot of work done on the leather, but my critique group still has lots to say on it, so we will need a live session together for a meeting of the minds.  I THINK it is getting better, but at times, also, I hate it.  I also de-saturated the skin, so it was so neon green (liked that, but this does better).  Also, removed the brown from the ears (now really just a basecoat).  Lots, and lots to do still.




23113028_10155989703165229_1205250576_o (1).jpg

23113227_10155989703315229_766952376_o (1).jpg



23107564_10155989703495229_2076763634_o (1).jpg

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Well after a long break to get a better view of him after a miscommunication between my critique circle, I picked up again this weekend.  I am tiring of the coat, but its almost there.  Still a ton of work on him to do though.






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