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77514 Iron Golem from Bones 3 Stoneskull Expansion, #334

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My inaugural Bones 3 paint, the Iron Golem (menacing Sir Forscale that I got from either a paint-and-take at PAX or a learn-to-paint kit, can't remember which).


I'm not sure it really comes out in the picture, but I started with black/gray zenithal priming layers, airbrushed a not-too-thick layer of a bright metallic over it, dark wash, and then heavily shaded it with pure black glazes (there's supposed to be some left/right shading with the glazes, but it doesn't show well in the pictures I don't think). Then touched all the gouges with the metallic again, and painted the optics and vents with red and orange, on the assumption that iron golems are powered by some kind of eldritch furnace internally.


(Sir Forscale was splashed with whatever bright primary color was close at hand, like you do when you're a complete noob at a paint-and-take, and I hope I got the right SKU from the list that came with my shipment.)


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Yowza!  This mini is definitely on my "to get once it's in stores" list.  (There were some good minis in the Stoneskull Expansion, but I figured I should restrain myself a bit, considering all the other stuff I was getting.)  I figure a boiler and a couple of smokestacks on the back, and it'd make an awesome custom steamjack for Iron Kingdoms RPG that isn't hunched over for once.


I really like the contrast between the dark iron look of the armor, and the bright points of fiery orange peeking through from inside.  :)

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