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Summer 04 mini exchange

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I tell you what. Since I am seeing more and more people who missed out on the Sprin/Summer one how about I agree to organise one if there is enough interest. I'm not sure how many people we would really need to make this worth while but I will keep an eye on this thread and see what happens.

If it seems that there are enough people interesting I am more than happy to set one up for us.

I to missed out on the last one which is why Kellyn and I got together and did our Mini one. I would love to do that again. It was heaps of fun.


So how about it, who else out there would be interested in participating in a Mini Exchange?

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Why not a late Summer/Fall exchange? Then a Winter/Christmas exchange. I had a blast doing this Spring exchange with Deane(MinipainterUS). I'd be up for a Late Summer/Fall if there is interest. You can count me in.


WTWest :devil:

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For now I would say to just let it be known in this thread that you want to participate, and then when it get's closer, say the middle of June sometime I will call for all those interested to PM me their details and we can take it from there.

Sound good?

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Summer exchange sounds good, I would definitely want to be included in!

But who is the organizer?? :lol:

Ummmm......Me......? I would certainly like to havea go at doing it.


And I am sure that Flynn could offer me any advice that I may need if things start to go wrong! Since he's gone and done one already! LOL

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