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Summer 04 mini exchange

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Which 'last exchange'? The one from the winter holiday? Or the spring/summer one? Only about 1/3 of the people in the Spring/Summer Exchange are finished.


I'm not sure what lstormhammer did/is doing about the Winter Exchange, but in the case of the spring exchange, I'm filling in for anyone who doesn't end up painting a mini for one reason or another. Today I sent out PMs to get a feel for just how many people I might need to fill in for. So far, it's only two. And I've finished one of those minis already.

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I don't mind painting something up for anyone that was meant to recieve something in any of the other ones but didn't for whatever reason.


Monkey and I are also happy to fill in for anyone who needs to pull out of this one for any reason too. Just PM me so I know.


Another thing too, this is the final call for anyone who wants in on this exchange. I wont be taking any more names after te 1st of July.


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Not that I am worried yet, but how long should I wait to get worried about recieving a mini in the mail? Just wondering.

I would wait another couple of months yet. It is only the middle of July and the next one wont start asking for people to sign up until late August. I gave people until around September to get this one all done and sent but it will take some people longer because of other comitments and what not. And remember, the person you painted for is NOT painting for you, so while you may have finished yours it could be a while yet until your artist is done.

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