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Summer 04 mini exchange

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but how long should I wait to get worried about recieving a mini in the mail


I agree with DA, I'm still waiting on my mini from the spring exchange which was started in ... Feb I believe...not 100% sure.


Just remember that "patience is a virtue." :upside:

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thanks to the not-so-kind reminder of the previous poster who has no virtue. 

HEY! It was a friendly reminder for an absent minded person and who told you I had no virtue??? Humph! I resent that! LOL!


Ok time to go hide somewhere

Oh yes...you may run and you can hide...but I DO have ways of finding you (evil laugh....cough cough) er...did I say that out loud? Oops....

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I can't remember which exchange is which...but I've done all of mine except 1. I'm hopin' to paint it within the next month.


And I can't speak to Ana's virtue....but she does send strange men nekkid stuff.... ::D:

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