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Summer 04 mini exchange

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Maybe just to the organizers so that they may keep an eye out but posting them publically would be rude, IMHO

Participating in a mini exchange and not sending away your mini is even more rude. I myself have no respect for people who can't keep their words.


If I were to organize one, only people who has some minimum number of posts would be able to enter. Not just the 2 posts faceless guy who just joined.

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Good for you Neyuttad , sounds to me like you are volunteering to run the next one.......

Wow, I wonder how you managed to deduct that from absolutely nothing or maybe you can actually read words that are not even written.


Nevermind that, I have nothing else to say really.

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I did indeed recieve both of your PMs and I'm sorry that you were one of the people who have not yet recieved a mini. I have sent messages to all of the people who had not yet sent theirs out and I recieved messages back from most of them.


I will NOT be posting a list of these people either publicly OR privatly. However you can rest assured that you will recieve a mini one way or another.


I think that you need to remember that sometiems things come up that prevent us from being able to complete things like these exchanges. I believe wholeheartedly that every single person who entered into my exchange had every intention of completing it. I know that most of the people who have contacted me to apologise for the fact that theirs will be sent a little late ALL had extenuating circumstances which would prevent anyone from completing a mini by the completion date and yet these people are still working away at their mini trying to get it off as soon as they can.


I should have my delivery of Reaper minis before the end of the week and I will paint and send something top you by the weekend meaning you should have it by the end of next week. If something happens between now and then and I cann't complete it that quickly I will be sure to let you know.





PS Thank you to those of you who have said they would be happy with a mini from me if their artist runs into more trouble, it's nice to know that there are at least some grateful people on here still.


PSS As far as not letting people who have only posted once or twice joining in on mini exchanges I can honestly say that they were some of the fastest to get their minis out. The ones remaining are well respected and frequent forum posters. Post count has nothing to do with it.

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I do not want mini from anyone else except the person who was assigned to me. I also don't have to explain the meaning of the word Commitment if some of you can't understand it.


It just bugs me a lot when I learn that some people do not honor their commitment. I remember at our local church, we used to hang the names of children on a christmas tree. People can take it and send something to the child. It was just so depressing when you learn that some of the children didn't get anything even though their names were taken.


But we're not children so I'll stop whinning like a little girl now.

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The people who haven't finished yet know all about committments, Neyuttad. They just have more than a committment to painting a mini for someone else. Things like spouses, children, jobs, etc. Some things take higher priority than others.


I'm sorry if you can't understand that. Maybe you will at some time down the road.


I had the same experience Julie had -- post count has absolutely nothing to do with it.

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Ive kept my mouth shut through both the arguments that have arisen from the last 2 exchanges, but Neyuttad I have to comment.


You mentioned going to church, but your attitude makes me wonder where your church lessons have gone? Lessons like good will, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, turn the other cheek, etc. Believe me there are commitments in this world that can be a lot more pressing to people than painting a piece of metal for a stranger. Commitments that can pop up overnight.. literally.


This is all supposed to be in good fun and good spirit. There is absolutely no reason to be bitter about it, cuz if you are then you have completely missed the point in the exchange.


Sorry you are upset about it, but I think you could be a little more understanding.

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I rather not. A person was assigned to me, that person has to honor it period. The question here is not about the stupid little mini, it's about integrity. I do not want any mini from anyone else. And it's ok if I'm disappointing, frankly I'm not here to make anyone happy.


Nice attitude.


If you would prefer to not recieve a mini from me in leiu of the one from your assigned artist that is fine.


I think we would all rather no have to hear any more about it though.

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