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Summer 04 mini exchange

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Monkey painted that one up himself, all I did was box it and offer opinions along the way, (most of which were ignored anyway because that's how Monkey works! LOL).


We're both glad that you like it and can appreciate the joke behind it all, I told you it was funny! LOL When he first told me what he wanted to do I just about wet myself with laughter and knowing that you had a good sense of humour I knew you'd enjoy it too!


Sorry we didn't get any pictures before we sent it off, it completly slipped my mind that you didn't have a digital camera, SORRY!




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I'll send out PMs again to see where every one is at. I know that two have been sent but don't seem to haev been recieved yet, but both those people know they are on the way.


Fuzzy you artist is still around, not on here but I have been in touch with them and it is still comming.


Buggeye, will do.

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