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Pineapple's WIP #2: Cave Troll Champion (02488) + Ogre Chieftain (77005)

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Here are my next two guys I'm trying to crank out to catch back up on the RP challenge.


Cave Troll Champion:



The base coat for the skin is Reaper Brilliant Green, working up to Viper Green for the highlights and down to Peacock Green for the shadows.  I don't really have the layering on the skin quite the way I want it though.  I'm going to take a break and do the eyes and mouth before I worry about finalizing that.  The club is a base coat of Vallejo Model Color Flat Earth washed with Vallejo Model Color Smoke.  The mouth is just a sloppy base coat of Reaper Imperial Purple.  The little spots on the club and foot where the paint got nicked by well-meaning in-laws trying to clear the table for dinner have since been touched up.


Ogre Chieftain:



I see a lot of white/tan/gray ogres, so I wanted to try something a little different and go with a darker skin tone.  This is just the base coat, it's Vallejo Model Color Chocolate Brown.


C&C welcome, thanks in advance!

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9 hours ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Some nice, bright colors on that cave troll.  The ogre should be interesting as well.

Yeah, there are a couple highlights on the troll that are a little more intense than I meant them to be.  In person they aren't as glaring as they are on a phone camera, but they stick out.  I need to tone them down a tad, but I didn't want the figure it get too dark.  The way the sculpt is (I love the it by the way) the face juts so far forward and the arms are so big that there's a lot of detail lost in the shadows if you don't punch things up.

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8 hours ago, LarsM said:

The green skintones on that Troll are really really nice! Don't tone Them down too much.. and the blending is awsome.

Thanks for the vote of confidence in the contrast. There are a couple spots that really are out of place, like the thumb on his club hand. Other than that I'll pretty much leave it as is. 

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