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The Rest of the Lycanthropes

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I thought "Ah, a little Bebop action," and then "oh, did I get those characters mixed up again?"  If I'm right, that means my kid's watching way too much Ninja Turtles.


My son would harass me about not knowing which was which.


Nice work, no matter which mutant animal you've taken inspiration from!

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    • By Zethia
      I'm trying to improve my flesh tones, and for some reason it helps me to do it with inhuman tones to get the technique down before moving to more realistic stuff. I'm not quite sure how it's going so far. If nothing else, Yephima's proving that I need to practice some blending and feathering. Still need to highlight the Wereboar. I love the muscularity of this guy, he was fun to wash! 

    • By wickedshifty
      I was told we needed all these lycanthropes for our home brew D&D game...
      Weve been using the mouslings as wererats. 
      This project has spanned about five or six months. There are a couple more but because they’re ladies whose clothes fell off in transformation- they aren’t pictured. 
      So here they are: 

    • By bluecrowlaura
      Hello all! This is officially my first post; I'm going to try to complete the Jan/Feb painting challenge and this is the first one done, so wish me luck. 
      This little werebat has been sitting on his base since October, and I just got around to finishing him. I used spare parts and miscasts from my Hirst Arts molding projects for the base. I'm very new to mini painting and conversion, and I'm not super happy about how the claws are gripping the column, but he'll do for a dungeon. :-)
      Happy painting,

    • By Citrine
      This is the classic Ral Partha D&D set ,11-524 Lycanthropes, sculpted by Bob Olley.  These guys have so much character.

    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      I decided to paint him up as a member of the Devil's Advocates biker gang from the 1971 documentary Werewolves On Wheels.
      Interestingly his hat is very much like the one worn by a gas station owner in the film, save that in the movie the feather was a great deal smaller. 

      The light doesn't reach it well, but his necklace is done in green and purple to depict mardi gra beads.

      I attempted to freehand the patch design from the film, and other than having no where near enough room to get "Devil's Advocates" on the top, I'm pretty happy with it as from a distance it works. I also knew going in that the placement of his ponytail would make things slightly off kilter. I'm also happy with how the denim came out. 
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