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New unofficial Army Creator 2.0.1

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The new unofficial Army Creator 2.0.1 is now available for PUBLIC BETA TESTING at the url included below. As of this moment there are still model images that need to be completed and uploaded, but the tool should produce any roster that the older tool could do with a few enhancements.


1) The builder page (and all other pages) may be zoomed in your browser without destroying the page layout.
2) The Database now includes all available models and equipment for each faction, including the expansion armies and beta factions Razig and Halflings.
3) A Roster Name may be added for every army build.
4) Troop names can be used for each troop section (or you can leave empty for the default).
5) Game Points have been added and are optional unless you choose to use a Battle Totem. (Battle Totems appear on the roster with a strikethru if no GPV was added during the build.)
6) Number of Troops per Row can be configured for the output. (The default of 4 is odd given 9 total troops but fills the page better.)
7) Faction Doctrines have been added along with a display of each doctrine in the datacard window using the datacard format.
8) Models and Equipment within any given troop may be re-ordered within that troop via drag-n-drop with your mouse (does not work with touch devices).
9) A "mini" instructions block was added as a footer to the troop build area/column.
10) Army Creator 2.0.1 can be "skinned" with a color theme - though the ability for the user to change the color theme has not been implemented, maybe in a future update.


The Roster Output (Printout) now contains the following additions/enhancements:
1) Roster Name (optional - faction name is used if no roster name is supplied).
2) The full Faction Doctrine (if selected) is included as a section on the 1st Roster Page just below the troop roster.
3) A Warlord Benefits section (if a warlord is in the army) is included on the 1st Roster Page just below the troop roster and after the Doctrine section (if it exists).
4) Innate Spells are now included on the 1st Roster Page after the Warlord Benefits (if any models have innate spells).
5) Special Abilities summary for all models in the army are now more clearly broken down by ability class.
6) The Battle Totem is included in the equipment list of the output.
7) Equipment items are italicized in the roster to more easily distinguish them from the actual models.

8) Spellbooks are now essentially a one page reference for spellcasters by providing all of the stats and spells in one place for each caster.

The Support Site currently provides:

1) A datacard spreadsheet with a quick-overview of model stats.

2) All current official errata for Warlord 2nd Edition.

3) Reference Pages for gameplay, such as Model States, Magic Tomes & Spells (independent of spellcasters), and Special Abilities, with more game reference material to come. (Note: You will ALWAYS need at least one of the books to play the game.)


The Support Site will eventually contain a tournament support tool, campaigns, scenarios, free downloads and other useful information to help you recruit new players and just plain have more fun!


And the current home of the new unofficial Army Creator 2.0.1 is: http://warlord.miniaturegameworks.com


Please report any data discrepancies or functional issues to my inbox in the reapermini forum - thanks!

Also, we should probably extend a Thank You to the folks at Reaper for granting permission to use all of the data and materials necessary to build this tool.



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Someone mentioned last week that it would be nice to have individual troop points displayed as you build your army as well as having this information on the roster. I know this was a feature that was not part of the original tool, but whatever the user's purpose in doing this, it was something I had started in the fully mobile version, so I decided to go back and revisit implementing this in the new desktop tool.

Soooo I have just added the Individual Troop Points enhancement to the Army Creator


...the build panel showing troop point totals:




... first page of the roster output now: (with Troop Points selected)





Of course the individual troop points are optional when you output the roster - see checkbox under the Output Army button.



... page one of the roster without Troop Points selected has not changed

(see roster output sample in post previous to this one for that example)



PS: I know the totals between the roster and the panel don't match - when I printed the roster I realized I had forgotten to add the familiar for Ardynn and didn't really wanna go back and do another screen capture of the builder panel - but because of the new design, I was able to close the printout tab, add the familiar to the still existing army build and drag it to the correct position under Ardynn, then reprint the roster with the new changes.


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Yes I have been binge army making and this thing is great, and I absolutely love the individual troop totals it helps me quickly build and balance multi troop units fast.  Thanks dude I never thought someone would make one of these again!

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I just wanted to take a couple minutes to let everyone know that work is still being done on the new unofficial Army Creator tool. (Especially since I haven't added any new content to the support site, and it is obviously not complete.)


Anyway, the next major enhancement to the new tool will be its integration with Wordpress as an application framework, then the ability to store and recall saved army builds/rosters from within the tool page and the core website will follow at some point, hopefully soon after. The decision to integrate with wordpress was based on the need for a user registration system to handle the ability to save and retrieve rosters (but I did not want it to be a requirement to use the tool), and because of feedback asking for essentially what amounts to a campaign and scenario repository as well. Once completed, these changes should allow for an easier (and quicker) way to add support material (such as errata, downloads, etc.) and new content or possibly enhancements (in various forms) to the website for the game as well.


So here are a few screenshots of the changes as they are in the current development site in case you are interested in contributing and possibly want to provide some feedback. Everything presented here IS subject to change as things progress, but I believe what you see here will remain pretty consistent to completion of the integration and new features. At this point, the builder page changes in no way, except to display your username and a save button for the current working roster. The real estate within the builder is pretty tight already, so these two items may change significantly in location or appearance before everything is completed.


Site Homepage...


--- ^ ^ ^ --- above the fold - - - below the fold --- v v v ---



--- v v v --- page listing available scenarios --- v v v ---



--- v v v --- one of the game reference pages - magic tomes & spells --- v v v ---



--- v v v --- the downloads page --- v v v ---



A PRINT feature (still having issues with pagination with that, I may have to custom write this as well) has also been incorporated so that you can print to whatever output device is available to your browser, which would also include pdf output if you are using a browser with a pdf plugin or native support, such as google chrome.


Please post here in the forum if you have suggestions or feedback.


Edited by Dark Horse
making some corrections and clarifying what to expect regarding the changes
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