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Some years back I acquired a starter box of the Khaliman Republic (basically Egyptian cat people) for the French wargame Alkemy.


They are the first small-scale resin I've ever assembled or painted.


Anyhow, one of our gamers wished to play a Ceilican (magical were-cat) in a heavily modded World of Darkness campaign.  Of the five figures in the set this one appealed the most.  It appears to be a sort of lynx-man but with a long tail.


There may be some flash or something.  I've been reluctant to get too slicey with the resin.


Here the figure is primed white and washed with thinned Burnt Umber.



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I did a quick paint on his face and fur, using a drab yellow mixed from Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, and Titanium White.  I don't seem to have taken pictures of the intermediate stages.  His face details are pure Carbon Black.  The stripes and tail tip are painted with thinned black.






I swashed a sallow green mixed from Yellow Ochre and a dab of Carbon Black onto his base.



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I intensified the green on his base (same mix).




Then I glazed some transparent gold mixed from Yellow Ochre and Burnt Sienna over his fur.  The dull buff underneath intensifies the color.







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I brought up some lights on his fur with a very pale cream mixed from Titanium White and Yellow Ochre.




I glazed over them with more Yellow Ocre-Burnt Sienna gold.




Then I added pure Carbon Black claws and tightened up his face and tail again.




I mixed a pink out of Red Iron Oxide and Titanium White for his nose.  I did not realize it would be so pink!




That's better.



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I mixed up a medium blue from Ultramarine Blue and a little Titanium White for opacity and laid it thinly on the figure's shirt (so that the umber underpainting is visible).






I used straight Red Iron Oxide on his sirwal, thinned to slight transparency as with the blue so the brown would show through.






I mixed a soft blue-violet from Phthalo Blue and Quinacridone Magenta, added just a dab of Titanium White (in small amounts it intensifies the color and paradoxically makes it look a little darker) and added shadows to the garments.




Then I mixed a general shadow color from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna and shaded his base.  I painted some full strength around the edge of his base (where you can see how surprisingly black the mix looks).





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I mixed a stronger violet from Ultramarine Blue and Red Iron Oxide which I thought might harmonize the shadows of his garments, but it just looked blue on the sirwal.  I painted it, mixed with a tiny amount of Titanium White, onto his shirt cuffs and headband and they looked okay.


On the other hand, whatever purple I added to the shadows on his base looks good.




I added some lighter blue lights to his shirt and the purple cuffs and headband and I colored his headpiece and his arm guard Red Iron Oxide.




I colored his bow with Red Iron Oxide too, as I wasn't yet sure what color I wanted to make it (or if I wanted to make it gold), but whatever it would be, red under it would look interesting.


I also scrawled some light greenish mixed from Yellow Ochre and Carbon Black over the lights on his base.





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I forgot to mention I fixed his face over the last two pictures.  Now he's got eyes and looks like he's doing something.


I brought darker, more intense Phthalo-based blues into his shirt, painted the feather in his headdress a bright green based mostly on Phthalo Green and Hansa Yellow Opaque, and painted up his spots in a brownish-violet mixed from Burnt Umber and Ultramarine Blue.




I mixed a deep turquoise from Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Green, and a little Titanium White and painted his sash and fletchings (and made the shadows of his shirt just a bit more exciting).






Okay, the bow is going to be blue (Phthalo, mostly).  Also there are more subtle, lighter blues on his shirt.




Also his quiver is blue.



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Finally I turn my attention back to the sirwal, whose purple shadows went awry some time ago. Now I am thinking rose pink (Quinacridone Magenta and Titanium White).  (There's also a small highlight of it on his headpiece.)  You can also see that I have added silver here and there.






At this point I am just playing with all kinds of pinks, beiges, blues, putting all sorts of slight color variations into the lights in his garments.








I reglazed his fur with a mix of Yellow Ochre and Burnt Sienna, and cleaned up his light fur and toes and things. 




I think he is pretty much done.



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