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Bones 3 had a bit of an unfortunate arrival time for me, coming in the middle of an unplanned move.  It may have taken me a bit, but I'm finally getting started on some of the pieces!

I even took them with me for some down time on our yearly beach vacation, though my set-up here is not very scenic:


That was last week, and now they're a bit closer to completion, with some details and fixes, basing, and sealing to be done.  Some Bones 3 furniture snuck in as well:



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4 minutes ago, lowlylowlycook said:

In business news, the price of giant slaying swords has spiked by over 150% due to increased demand.

You should see the horde they're joining:


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3 hours ago, CorallineAlgae said:

Very nice. You even snuck in a twig blight! :lol:

Sadly he took the full brunt of a sealer malfunction.  There's also a Brass Monkey and Tin Woodsman in there, but they had similar fates, and will not be highlighted yet.

Although there was an issue with the foggies from a sealer, here's the finished Giant gang:


What do you call a group of Giants, anyway?  A Jotunning of Giants?  A flattening of Giants?  A TPK of Giants?

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