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Lidless Eye Hobbies: The New Game Room

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One benefit of our unplanned and sudden move is that we will finally have a hobby room.

The first few displays were moved over first:



Then came a lot more of the mess:



Shelves have been set up, and a folding table arrived from Amazon:


An older end table has been drafted as a paint and build station:



Once it's finished up, I'll have to take shots of the whole set-up, but there's still a bit left to go.

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Some more organization has gone on:


The game card table I picked up is both a little small, in that the maps and most wargames go over the edges, and a bit too bit, as the room gets a little cramped with it set up.  I may pick up a round table as well for RPGs.

We did break it in with a session of "Storm King's Thunder" on Sunday evening.

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