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Stormtroopers, Imperial Assault, Fantasy Flight Games

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Hi everyone.  In an attempt to put some non Bones 3 items on the forums, I present some Storm Troopers.

It's been a while since I've posted my own pics.
I've been working diligently for the last 15 months trying to finish the first set of Imperial Assault miniatures.

I'd previously posted my Probe Droids and Imperial Officers.


Below are my Storm Troopers.

I did follow the Sorastro guides.  If anyone doesn't know about those, it is a well produced set of You Tube videos worth checking out.




These storm troopers almost killed the desire to do the whole project.
I have been using almost exclusively Reaper paint, despite the tutorials using GW paint.

This means I sprayed the troopers with white primer, then slathered on a bunch of Reaper Black Wash.

It took 3-6 layers of paint to get them reasonably white.  You can't tell too much in the pics, but there are areas which were left less white in shadowed areas like under the calf.

By the time I was happy with them, I didn't want to add any battle damage or dirty feet, but I did it anyway in the spirit of following the tutorial.

I think the gloss coat really makes these fit the full nostalgic effect.  Let me know what you think.


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Great job on all..


I do highly recommend Sorastro tutorials too. I think they are the best (and free) tutorials on the net right now. 


'GW vs other brands' is an issue for me too since I have exclusively Vallejo. He posts a conversion chart for his Patreon patrons (even for '$1 a piece' ones) and it does help.


Furthermore I quit using Vallejo washes once I used citadel washes (or shades as they are called). I had a chronic frosting problem with Vallejo and none whatsoever with Citadel. Just my 2 cents.

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