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The Blight is a small, dark, crime ridden maze of narrow, twisted streets occupied by equally twisted denizens. Generally speaking it is not an attractive spot & draws no tourist trade to speak of. HOWEVER, it is surround by the ruins of a vast, seemingly endless city that is rumored to hold treasure troves of loot & magical gear...this does draw daring or desperate groups of reckless individuals seeking their fortune...sometimes seeking less savory things.

All that aside, I had a few Lead Adventure Miniatures that I had gotten in trade for some painted pieces. With the possibility that I may get some more, I decided to paint what I had prior to the arrival of reinforcements. I started on these toward the middle of last week:


This is the Group with their bases more or less painted:



The Old Knight & his loyal Henchman (names forthcoming...& forthcoming is not their name):



The Desperate Housewives:



The Steam Bots:



By Friday evening, the faces/skin tone was done along with the Bots lights: 





The Girls...the one on the right reminds me of my Aunt Emma aka Skeets:



The Old Daring Guys:



Rolling Thunder Cans:



I'm now waiting for Tante (Aunt) Skeets to dry; then more photos...oh joy & rapture.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Surprisingly, I finished the second of the two Girls in Town today. Here's Tante Lulu:









...AND here are the Girls in Town; I took a few photos of the Girls in a scenic setting with the possibility of posting in the Show Off :



...have a good night.

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37 minutes ago, CorallineAlgae said:

Nice! Those last two guys look like they belong in The Blight. They're gonna feel right at home! :lol:


Thanks for the reply, CorallineAlgae. I am glad you like them. They are coming along at a reasonable pace.

The Old Knight has a Wonderland feel to him that does seem to fit the place. 

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The Old Knight, Das Alte, is now done with his Henchman lurking in the wings:









As a test for the miniature & the scene, I took a few photos of Das Alte in what will be the second photo stage; i.e., The Spook  Woods:







...this may have potential.


NOTE: I was told by one of the  L.A.Fers that Der Alte was the correct expression. SO:


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1 hour ago, Egg of Coot said:

They look great!  Awesome work as always.


The Egg


Thanks for the kind reply, Egg. I am happy you like them.

The Old Knight reminded me of the Knights in Alice Through The Looking Glass. As such I figured he would work well in my setting.

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3 hours ago, Lord_Bryon said:

Awesome as usual.  I have to say you have the best looking trees.  How do you do them.  If you've explained this before please send me a link..



Thanks for the reply, Lord_Byron. I am happy you like the stuff.

The tress are a combination of raffia covered floral wire (Naturally Wired) twisted around an internal core of insulation foam or simply around each other. the smaller branches are lighter, unwrapped floral wire.

The tree shown in the foreground is coated with air drying clay (I used Das on the tree shown) & the bark texture is picked out before it cures. I coat the thinner branches & roots with hot glue that I tease while still soft for texture.

I'll try to remember to take photos of the work in progress on the trunks to give you a better idea. 

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SO, earlier today I finished Sascha Pottz, The Loyal Henchman. Ergo, all the non-mechanical Lead Adventurers are done.

Here's Sascha Himself:







...seen here with The Old Knight:





I also took some photos that may eventually wind up in the Show Off, but you get a peek now:









...there you have it!

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    • By malefactus
      After a prolonged time in The Vault of Pack Rattiness & some time getting attention, I finished the non-mechanical group of Lead Adventure Miniatures I had swapped for with a T.B.M.Fer (Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum that is).
      Here is The Old Knight & His Followers on High Road to Adventure through The Mushroom Forest:




      ...with a couple view of the board itself:

      There you have them...so there.
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      These are the second batch of minis for the Blessed Order of the Gooey Death. The first I just realized were only posted in my Last Hurrah Thread & the W.I.P Section. Be that as it may here's Part II preceding Part I...rather like the Star Wars Series with less special effects:
      A Group Portrait:

      The Bruegelburg Mercenaries from Lead Adventure Miniatures:











      White Knight's Pistoleer & the Morale Officer with Marching Band:










      ...there; should any of you be interested I could post the first part as a separate thread...or not.
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