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DH Bones 77373 Barbarian Male WIP

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Well, Here goes my first WIP, my first post, my first Bones figure. When I bought this guy, I had no idea what separated a Bones from the others. I am just getting back into the hobby. When I opened the package, I was a bit taken aback. "Flimsy rubber?!!" You know though. it's all good, I'm not experienced enough to have a preference between metal, plastic, pvc or resin. Once it has a prime coat on him, the painting process is the same so whatevs. This lil dude is kind of a tester piece for other projects and overall I am pretty happy with him so far. 

 His arms were falling out of their sockets and needed to be re-glued. His back really lacked detail and the gluing of the arms didn't help too much. As a result the back is just about all freehand work on a smooth surface.

 For the first time in my many attempts to "get into" mini painting, I am finally starting to understand NMM. Not too good at it yet, but getting there. There is a face mask under the skull helmet that needs the treatment- small area, and it needs to pop in order to make any sense out his head. Speaking of the helmet, I freehanded the skull face as well, I think that is what the (lack of) details suggested.

 Lastly, I buried his OG base in PVA/sand atop a largeish washer for more stability.

 Thanks for stopping and looking. Fell free to C&C, I mean it, let me know how you really feel. I don't get hurt easy and it's the quickest way to improve. Here for advice not a "participation award" or a pat on the head.



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I like what you did with the back, and the reddish tones on the skin are really nice; contrast can be improved but it is a very good skin alrady!


What I don't get is what happened with the bracers, axe and helmet. You certainly have the ability to "draw small" if you freehanded that back, so adding detail there (at least shadowing and then edging) is well within your capabilities. The big axe head in particular is like a blank space now in a very good paintjob. Are trying out NMM with it? It seems it has some metallic paint on the area near the shaft?


PS: Welcome, BTW! Glad you said you wanted C&C, if you want to engage in improving your painting you will find this community can do it... it is just that the default is "be nice don't critique". So now reading the above makes me feel guilty of being harsh by comparison :mellow:

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Thanks Willen, not harsh at all! The axe hadn't been started, the bracers only barely touched. The f''n helmet; started off as NMM, something was off. Oh, it's a bone helmet on top and a metal face mask! So I painted it up bone and still need to go back into the face mask, Last night I got to one side of the axe, I was just winging it and feel that if I approach from a more structured point of view I can do better. When I quit painting I was real tired and knew it was time to stop.


 Even though I have a few other fires burning and this guy is my "tester", I think I 'll put some effort into cleaning him up and finishing him today. We'll see, distractions everywhere.

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Yeah, so much nicer! I think the NMM is going the right direction, even when rough at the blendings you can still see the reflections, which is great.


The helmet is very odd. I loved this mini as a render and now in hand, I can't get myself to paint it.

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