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Saga World Builder: Modular tiles for tabletop and D&D games

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About this project

Thank you! 


We will come up with more information, infographics and some stretch goals tomorrow (really! You may be curious.)

This modular game building system is the result of months of prototyping. Saga World Builder makes it easy for you to play the table-top games you love. 

The system consists of a large number of double-sided modular map tiles and features hundreds of environmental objects, magic items, weapons, decorations, and equipment.


All Saga tiles are 6x6 inch as well as 3x6 inch (metric: 15,24 x 15,24 cm as well as 7,62 x 15,24 cm).

Saga World Builder is a highly modular game-building system for creating gaming maps and environments. 

We’ve been enjoying role playing games for many years and have developed Saga World Builder with you in mind! From gamers for gamers. All design elements are hand-painted and highly modular. Due to the game’s unique and engaging illustration style, it’s super easy to add your own ideas and designs to Saga maps! 

Wet- and dry-erase compatible and super durable!


Saga map tiles are wet- and dry-erase compatible, super durable, laminated on both sides, and reinforced for extra weight and durability.

Objects printed on adhesion film


Thanks to the magic of adhesion and electrostatic, all elements stick to the map and can easily be placed, removed, and reused again and again and again. 

All this is included!

  • Beautiful hand-painted game-building system.
  • Dungeon System with hundreds of modular dungeon tiles.
  • Mine System with hundreds of modular mine tiles.
  • Hundreds of weapons, magic items, and decorative objects.
  • Pitfalls, traps, and tricky adventure elements.
  • Environmental objects and props.
  • Kickstarter bonus: Inventory and neutral tiles. 


Saga World Builder is: 

  • Completely modular. 
  • Hand-painted illustrations that fit every style.
  • Our objects are printed on adhesion film, which sticks to shining surfaces 
without glue and can be easily removed. 
  • Works with any kind of marker: wet, dry, permanent, and nonpermanent. 
  • Cleans up easily and quickly so you can draw on it and erase over and over again.
  • Can cover any size or shape of table.
  • Let’s you create an exciting chase scene.
  • Doesn’t slide around on the table.
  • Allows for a wide variety of terrain, dungeon, or miniatures. 
  • And is Affordable 



(We have two sizes of tiles: 6”x6" and 3"x6. We did a small typo in the description of some rewards where we wrote "All tiles are 6”x6" and 3"x3” / But all tiles are 6”x6" and 3"x6”.)


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