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Figures from Bones 3 that won't upset Grandma


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The gallows, tombstones, coffins, the female wraith....you know everything death related...  Is that wrong?  lol I'm kidding of course....

I think your best bet is animals....what grandma doesn't like animals?  maybe the terrain stuff or the standing stones.  The frost giant queen might be an ok one.  Really depends on what work of yours, your grandma likes.


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9 minutes ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

Do not know if you already drove grandma and the get together is over, but why not do the wild west OZ set? Thats pretty tame...mostly. And maybe the townsfolk (cept the dwarf butcher:),grandma may not like the pig getting hacked up )




My mom has a picture of my grandmother butchering a pig...  Grandmothers can surprise you.  :;):

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