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  Hi, long time no type!


  I've been waiting for the Bones III figures to arrive specifically for this figure, because I wanted to try an old technique I used to use - Tamiya Clear paints over a metallic base.  This is pretty much a speed technique for armored figures.  It took me about an hour (not including time to let coats dry) to:


  • Prime the figure using Reaper Blue Liner
  • Base coat with Vallejo Model Air Steel
  • Wash with Reaper Steel Wash
  • Drybrush with Vallejo Model Air Silver
  • Finish with Tamiya Clear Smoke over the top (this is effectively a tinted gloss sealant)
  • Dot the sensor holes with Reaper Pure White & add two coats of Reaper Clear Red over the top
  • The base is Reaper Concrete glazed up with Reaper Stone Wash used for definition.  It's delibrately very clean - I could scuff it up and make it look a lot more worn, but I like the clean lines for this figure.




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6 hours ago, Lord_Bryon said:

very cool...  How big is it?


  Hill giant sized.



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  It's an interesting technique, one that works really well for lacquered armour effects.  It's amazingly fast on metal figures, as you can just apply the Tamiya Clear Smoke directly over the metal, no priming at all, and it'll define & protect the figure in one hit.  Plastic... not as fast, as you have to prep the figure first so it's metallic looking, but still it's a fairly cheap & cheerful way to handle this sort of figure.


  What doesn't come across in the photos is how glossy it is - it comes across as oiled steel, that sort of machined look.  But you are working with a paint that's sticky and a pain in the elf to use - thinning it down more than I did on this figure would probably be a good idea.  You'd lose a little intensity in the tint, but you'd gain a lot of consistency in the texture:  you can see a point on the sternum plate where the paint "clumped" on me.


  If I was doing a proper job on this figure rather than just a pure "how fast can I get a decent result" example, I'd go back over and pick out the detail work with metallic - the bolts & springs especially.  But considering it's a 1 hour figure, I'm happy with the result.


  The next thing I'm going to try with this approach is the visors of the Blackstar Marauder figures - I'm going to undercoat them gold, then apply Tamiya Clear Yellow across them.  Should look grand : )

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