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I'm actually tempted by the KS-only alternate of the Hussar; I didn't like the other pose much, but that one ... that might be useful.


Methinks Rosie would be more believable with a vest over that shirt. Which is my only real gripe; boobs and fabric don't work that way. :/

Otherwise, I like her and I'd pick up an archer, if I didn't think I was going to have to get into an argument with the putty just to make that cleavage believable.

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Put together 7 of them. I like the sculpts. Some small pieces but nothing too bad.    They come with metal bases but I based them on 30mm rounds. 

I took some quick ones for you. I got three of the 28mm metals. They are decent quality, my only complaint is that to me the facial features are not well defined and so they look off.    

The video really is pretty danged stupid - and likely to cost them customers, at least from those that actually watch the videos on Kickstarter. (I am one of those people.)   Not a matter of

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2 hours ago, Sylverthorne said:

boobs and fabric don't work that way. :/


To make things even worse the buttons are somehow on the same side as the button holes. Does her shirt have popper studs or something? Bizarre. I don't think the artwork is "bad" but I think it could be better.

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Some uniforms have twin rows of buttons and buttonholes, some have a row on either side, so that the fabric overlaps completely across the chest. 

The Rocketeer had a jacket with buttons on both sides, and across the top of his chest...


Uniforms don't always make sense with regards to buttons, zippers, straps and other fasteners.


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Finally got to watching the video. Truth be told, after reading all the comments here, I was expecting worse.


And now that I'm seeing some of the 3D renders, I prefer them to the original sketches (which have a Franco-Belgian comic style).


Still not my cup of tea, though some of them are very nice looking.

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I don't know about puke worthy, but the video is cringy. And I enjoy some pin-up girl art and minis - I actually really like these sculpts. I get cheesiness. That can be fun.


The video however is exclusionary. It addresses men right off the bat. Women can enjoy art of hot females too. As a straight female, I like painting "babes" more than male figures a lot of the time. They're more fun for me. I have a stash of pervy Hasslefree figures (nude succubi and incubi, nude demons, in various suggestive poses). Hey, I need to populate my D&D worlds' brothels, and a D&D world isn't complete without a brothel. The KS figures are actually pretty tame, even if the video is annoying. They're cute and the models seem to be well done. 


I don't mind the cheese of "this lady will steal her way into your heart" sort of thing. That's just cheesiness. Whatever, it can even be cute. I don't like the assumption that this is just for men. Women can be dirty minded too. 


I have limited funding to spend on another KS, especially with Bones 4 around the corner. For babes though, I think I'll go to Bombshell minis though, or Kabuki (sexy darth vader lady? yes please). The video is just a nudge to go "ehh... save for something else" instead of a "really, go spend money now". Without the video I would have been more neutral. Apologies creators - the figures really are nice. 

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3 hours ago, Cyradis said:

 Hey, I need to populate my D&D worlds' brothels, and a D&D world isn't complete without a brothel. 


Indeed. Though my D&D is spelled "Pathfinder". Ksenia is my favorite and would make a nice Pathfinder bard. The 2 winged hussars would fit nicely as well. 


I do like Hasslefree and also agree that they are  better sculpts in general, but there are a lot of unique minis in this kickstarter that are not found elsewhere. The winged hussar females are a great example. 7 minis for $56 is hard to pass up as well. 

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They do know that that's not what her banner actually looked like don't they?There were at least two angels ,for example. I can't remember all the details but it was certainly more detailed than a generic sun logo. Still the artwork looks nice. I'd like to see how the sculpt develops before passing judgement.


Actually she'd make a really nice proxy for The Traveller (Joan of Acre) in games of Hell Dorado.

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