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I ended up going in but I can't decide if I should get a couple in 28mm or try a 54mm version. These will never be used for anything more than display so it's tempting. I'm just not familiar with the company. If their casts are worth it I'll spring for the large version of Rebecca and maybe Legertha or the Cossack girl. Does anybody own some of their models and can vouch for them?

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Put together 7 of them. I like the sculpts. Some small pieces but nothing too bad.    They come with metal bases but I based them on 30mm rounds. 

I took some quick ones for you. I got three of the 28mm metals. They are decent quality, my only complaint is that to me the facial features are not well defined and so they look off.    

The video really is pretty danged stupid - and likely to cost them customers, at least from those that actually watch the videos on Kickstarter. (I am one of those people.)   Not a matter of

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26 minutes ago, NebulousMissy said:

Aww, it's cute. But I know a lot of that 2D cuteness tends to be lost during the transition to 3D. And it's a bit rich for me on the money-per-mini consideration.


Some of that concept art would make good art prints. 


They are offering prints like mouse pads and mugs. I agree on transition between 2D Concepts and 3D prints. They did have some of their 54MM stuff at some convention (its in one of the updates).


Price per mini is not a great deal, but also not far from other metal prices. Depending on your pledge level its between $7 - $9 per model. The choose 12 level gives you a free mini (Janina) and works out to about $6.92 per mini... I am adding Ksenia who is $10 so it works out slightly worse at $7.14 per model. If you like one and are willing to take a chance its only $9. Not a huge risk.


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Given that Bombshell & Darksword are routinely $10/figure, $7-$9 a figures is pretty good deal.  Heck, the Reaper metal miniature of the month has been $9.99+ !  If you get up to the Dirty Dozen for 54mm then $19/figure is  steal compared to Andrea/Pegaso or just about anyone else in the 54mm ranges!  Yes, if you're comparing them to Bones, they come across as expensive but that's apples to oranges, and these are more of a boutique line, rather than a main manufacturer.

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1 minute ago, Dan d'Lyon said:

I jumped in for 7.  May upgrade to 12 if they allow it in the pledge manager.  A lot of the late stretch goals appeal to me and could actually see some use.


Yes, it's allowed.  I'd started out at 7 and swapped out to 12 a while back.  I think I cancelled the "7" and re-clicked for the "12".  Not a big deal since they aren't running any 'early bird' pledges so you aren't losing a place in the queue.

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1 hour ago, Auberon said:

In the end I resisted.  There were a few that I liked, but nothing that would jump to the front of my paint queue.  I can wait for a retail release.


 Okay.  Well, glad I helped fund the figures so you could buy them at retail. <shrug>

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50 minutes ago, Mckenna35 said:


 Okay.  Well, glad I helped fund the figures so you could buy them at retail. <shrug>


It is actually unlikely I will ever purchase any of them, but there is a possibility so I left it open.  I have more minis than I can realistically paint this decade, so if a mini doesn't say paint me now I wait for one that does. 


And really, isn't the point of Kickstarter to fund projects for companies so they can then sell stuff at retail?

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1 hour ago, Auberon said:

And really, isn't the point of Kickstarter to fund projects for companies so they can then sell stuff at retail?


Actually, no. KS is used to raise money for projects. That's it. Art projects, frex, will sometimes have no retail product attached to them. A game creator may intend to sell the product at retail, but a successful KS does not necessarily mean the product will appear at retail.


Distributors are under no obligation to carry anyone's product, KS or otherwise. Even Reaper had miniature lines that distributors chose not to carry. Retailers require a 40% or 60% discount from MSRP, and, even then, may not carry the product. Some KS creators will have enough money from a KS to fund retail copies, some will not, and some will lose money on a KS.


Webstores were once used to carry product for customers who couldn't get them from their FLGS, but, nowadays, are used to sell product that cannot be sold through traditional retailer-distributor models. Cthulhu Wars, Super Dungeon Explore, and Shadows of Brimstone all have product that aren't sold through traditional retailer-distributor models. However, again, a manufacturer may choose not to sell a product from its webstore for various reasons. Frex, if a model product did not sell well during a KS, the creator may stop making additional copies once his current stock runs out.


CMON even had expansions of its Victorian SMOG boardgame marked as "Limited Edition Printrun", which could mean anything, but not suggesting retail. My guess is that they created and paid for the expansions but thought that retail demand might not support them. So, they at least gave KS backers access to them.


Still, you go to pick and choose. I dunno why others think I can drop $100+ on a project *they're* interested in, when my gaming -- and painting time -- budget is also limited.

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