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Getting back to painting and decided to work through some Ethiopian horsemen.  So far I have some horses.  Models are either Somali horsemen from Copplestone or Ethiopian horsemen from Castaway.




Not included are a couple horses for the leaders.  I'll try some fancier saddle blankets on them and do them along with the riders.  Also the grey horse if for the Penne di Falco but hit away in a box when it should have been on my desk getting painted.



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At the beach I read a book about Amedeo Guillet, an Italian cavalry officer that fought with some Askari horsemen.  He had quite the adventure during 1935 and WW2.  Sadly it was with the Spahys and some irregular troops and not with the Penne di Falco  but in any case it's got me excited to paint up some minis.




I think I'll have to paint some foot askari to match.  

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