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Well, don't worry about them for one thing (see what I did there). Something good about bases is that, unlike, say, pupils, you don't have to do a "perfect" job for good results.


What quality are you looking for? I can tell you how to churn 'em out assembly-line style for an army, but I'll leave it to others for the display stuff.


Secret Weapon Miniatures has various short tutorials, including this one for pinning : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRItrHxuLH4


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I too was worried when I started basing.  Some kind person said that you can basically just mash some putty up with some bits of cork or aquarium gravel and paint it up and it looks fine.  Now I've got stamps and sculpting tools and whatnot, but it's actually amazing the results you can get with some cork, putty and maybe a toothpick to push the putty around and texture it a bit.  


If all else fails, you can always cover mistakes with flocking.  If you want to get into fancier stuff then James Wappel has some good tutorials on YouTube as well.  Have fun!!

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Here are a couple of tutorials I did on here:





There are roughly thirteen grillion basing tutorials out there too. Just hit Youtube or check out James Wappel's blog. Happy basing. 


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Basing is my thing...or at least, one of my main things. There are all sorts of base types; e.g., urban, rural, dungeon, etc..

SO being specific might get you more useful replies. If you ever spot a base I made, I would be delighted to give you a step by step how-to-do description.

This is the base I'm working on now as an example:



I doubt that this is the style you'd be going for, but it is an example of how nuts you can go with a simple base.

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