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A song of Ice and Fire - July

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So it is $150.00. No early birds. Will sit back a while and decide. So far looks nice but I don't plan on playing the game, and so don't really need that many human troops.... though on the other hand, Pathfinder Bestiary 6 introduced "troop" rules, so maybe I do have a use for them...

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I don't know if I'd ever have time for the game part. Still, ~100 figures for that cost is pretty good. And I'm a big fan of pre-assembled. 


Also still waiting on a paycheck. I will keep oodling this and decide later. 

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As said before: I don't care about the game (despite being a huge fan of the books). I am interested in miniatures. $150 and $30 for shipping ... $180. Over 100 miniatures, but as far as I can see not a lot of diversity (and a number of - to me - plain boring sculpts). Waiting for Massive Darkness (and Rising Sun and Green Horde)- CMON milking their business model as much as they can ... I think I'll sit this one out and drop my money on Bones IV.

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I'm in so far.  I don't need KS exclusives, just some solid added value over the next couple of weeks to justify the staggering price tag on this project.    I also skipped all those other Cmon projects  (MD, RS, Z:GH) so I could justify this if it rolls out the bling.


I do like the miniature designs although they are pretty different from the Dark Sword GRRM series.  The rules book gives some good detail images.

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I like Darkswords minis but I prefer their more fantastical sculpts. I'd rather spend the money on finally acquiring some of those that are on my want list.


Plus I already have several armies worth of minis already and a ruleset I'm happy with.


I can see this being a good entry point set for a novice war gamer though.

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This game just comes way too late.

If I didn't already have my Dark Elves to play with I would actually be interested, being a GoT fan.


I also wonder if there's still room for a playerbase for this game.

These days the market is really saturated with so (too) many wargames already.

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I'm sure if I were a Song of Ice and Fire fan or looking for a miniatures wargame, I'd pick this up. Hand of Glory hit my wallet, and Reaper is coming.


Reaper's core has the best price per mini and sculpt. Some of the add-ons are just crazy and impossible to find at their prices elsewhere. Also, of course, Reaper is reliable, so I don't have trouble dropping the most money on their KS compared to other KS I've backed. (Hand of Glory, at least, theoretically replaces 27K of miniatures, and comes down to a third of a cent per theoretical replacement!)

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