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A song of Ice and Fire - July


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1 hour ago, Smokestack said:

Ahhh. Already considering dropping my pledge... The thought of Bones just around the corner.... :(


Bones is coming.


Will hang in for a while then compare the two...


Me too.  I can't back both.  Actually I'll have to choose between this, Bones 4 and Cthulhu Wars 3.   

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Top Posters In This Topic

I was really excited about this, but the whole 'going through the motions' approach from CMON is so underwhelming that I'm dropping out.

In contrast to the excellent Carnevale campaign that ended today, which had loads of interaction with the backers, changes made in response to backers requests and felt like the backers were helping to build the game; this latest offering from CMON feels like a clone of their previous efforts. The minis are nice but there's no soul.

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