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77314: Golan, Hill Giant

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So this is my next model in line to paint up.  I'm hoping that this will give me some practice painting skin and faces, even though it's at a larger scale than a human sized figure.  


This is also my first bones model that I've started painting.  Cleaned mold lines, assembled everything, pinned it to the base and green stuffed the gaps.  Primed the base and green stuff and then I used brown line for my first coat on everything.  Other than that I threw on a thinned down coat of cadmium skin.  It will need a few more coats to cover the brown liner. I decided to get started on this while something else was drying.


This one will probably move slowly as I will use him to fill time while I paint a couple of other figures.












Thabks for looking!


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Little bit more work here.  Got most of the base colors blocked in now.  Still have some areas to clean up.  Just have the metal left mostly to base in.


Hair is carrot top red.  I used a mixture of 6:1 leather brown to beasty brown for the couple of leather parts.  Lastly wolf grey for the fur.  After the metal is finished up I'll work on the face.





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