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About this project

                 Product Description

A custom made box aka "vault" to hold essentially all gaming materials needed to play many table top role playing games. The gaming vault measures 4"depth x 9 1/2"width x 12 1/2"length externally. Internal depth is 2 1/4" and weighing 5lbs which is made of solid wood with a custom made hand crafted design to the front. The vault opens like a book with the spine laying flat. There are built up sides to keep materials secured inside. Once the vault is open there are two troughs located on the right side for writing utensils and dice along with a rolling surface covered with a faux leather material and a clip to the top left corner to secure scratch paper. This exciting products also includes a matching dice tower that is collapsible and lays flat within the box.

                  How We Plan To Succeed!

The funds raised will be used to help obtain more tools to make more elaborate, complex designs for the gaming vault and to add to its functional complicity. We have so many ideas on new vault designs and how to add to the gaming vault. Such as the use of different woods and stains to fit clients preferences. 

                Why I LOVE the gaming vault

Everything I need is all in one handy vault that goes with me to game night...and not to mention I think is pretty cool looking too. Before the gaming vault my gaming books, dice and dice tower along with scrap paper and pencils were kept in a book bag where they would get pretty beat up. I spent money on those items and it sucked to see them fall apart after a short period of time. With the gaming vault I not only have all of my stuff stored nicely together but it protects my hard earned money spent on gaming products.

                           Stretch Goals 

       If we meet our $11,000 goal we want to make many different stains, rolling surface materials, metals along with a variety of different woods available.

                     [email protected]


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