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50241: Sparg, Illyrian Agent by Cyr

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I am going to be gluing this guy to a clear round base; the shoes will be painted last after I dislodge him from the tiny bit of metal used to hold him. I don't do much basing so I avoid this type until I find a perfect figure for my needs like this. 


This fellow will be a gift for the nerd who has been repairing my computer. Thinking blue hair, green skin, red shirt, gray coat, jeans. 


The eye turned out okay. Face is alright so far. Just started the sweater, but then I started hacking up a lung and stopped. It is tough painting right now as I sporadically am having hideous coughing fits. Both that and hot toddy remedies are bad for painting :( 


Anyway, current WIP. My rainbow fairy should get some updates tomorrow. 


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13 minutes ago, Grayfax said:

Very cool... and thoughtful... I can't say that I've ever gotten anything like that at all for repairing computers!


He has repaired my computer for free, dealt with Samsung being lame on hard drive warrenty on my behalf, backed up all my data, and let me use his spare laptop hard drive in the meantime. I figure he's earned it!

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Alrighty, he is on his clear base. The globes are base coated. The shoes are done. The calculator is complete. The pistol has base and first wash done, but is going to get more shading. Almost complete! 


Perhaps the boots could have more highlighting done, but I want it very obvious that the gloves and boots are black while the coat is gray. I think I hit that goal alright. 



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