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Jewellery saws


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Okay, the razor saw i ordered showed up yesterday.  The back of the package shows a picture of somebody dismembering a pewter mini, so I'd say this is an anticipated use.


I still need to get oil for it, but I went ahead and gave it a try.  I used clippers to remove a bunch of the extra base well away from the feet of a pewter mini I'm working, and then used the saw on the bits under his feet.






It works pretty well.  It does take a fair bit of work to get through a thicker bit of pewter, but that's only to be expected of a hand tool.  I misjudged the angle slightly and took a bit more off the bottom of his left foot than I meant to, but that can be dealt with using a bit of green stuff.


The cut is smooth and flat.  In fact, the edges of his left foot there were a tad on the sharp side afterwards, so I took a diamond file to them so I wouldn't cut myself on 'em.


So I think it was a good purchase.  I'm hanging on to the original packaging; it makes a good storage sheath, which is necessary.  That blade is super sharp and very thin.  Not something you want to hit with your finger while rummaging around in a tool drawer.

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