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Top 20 Reaper Paints


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In the near future I am looking to buy some additional paint.  I have the skin tones, so after that, what are the Best 20 Reaper Paints in your humble opinion?

Don't feel that you need to list 20, (except that 20 is the appropriate and perfect number... according to these forums and Goblinized Mathe).  I also have all of the available liners, so no need to include those as "best".  I won't argue that they are... because I love my liners...  just looking for paint colors that I NEED to have.

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How about top 30, not knowing what colors you intend to paint?


Pick a skin tone triad, a brown triad, a triad of each ROYGBIV, black, white, primer. That's 30.


Could drop the Indigo, I suppose. And arguably, you could drop the skin tone triad if you are good at mixing (which is true about most of these colors outside of primaries and black and white). 



Okay, edit. Goal is *more* colors. I'd start picking subtley different colors from the ones I listed, such as olive greens instead of classic greens. Magentas instead of reds/purples. The off-whites are pretty great too. And more skin tones, personally. I always want those. 

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I have all of the Skin Tone Triads.  It is where I started this journey.

Found a @buglips*the*goblin List!

On 3/15/2017 at 9:48 AM, buglips*the*goblin said:

This list is a bit old, so there might be a few colours no longer made on it, but a while back I made a list of 54 MSP colors that would let me do everything I do now if something happened to my hoard of paint and I had to start again from scratch.  It`s a set that means a lot of mixing, but if you want a list that covers pretty much anything that`ll come up, it ought to do the job. 


1. 9071 Chestnut Brown

2. 29823 Caucasian Flesh

3. 29824 Maiden Flesh

4. 9064 Brown Liner

5. 9038 Rainy Grey

6. 9039 Pure White

7. 9037 Pure Black

8. 9021 Snow Shadow

9. 9057 Ashen Blue

10. 9017 True Blue

11. 9035 Olive Green

12. 9011 Leaf Green

13. 9086 Stone Grey

14. 9003 Blood Red

15. 9001 Red Brick

16. 9110 Oiled Leather

17. 9023 Imperial Purple

18. 29827 Griffon Tan

19. 29808 Golden Yellow

20. 9029 Earth Brown

21. 9148 Ghoul Skin

22. 9150 Bloodless Skin

23. 9013 Forest Green

24. 29806 Fireball Orange

25. 9075 Buckskin Pale

26. 9122 Terran Khaki

27. 9061 Linen White

28. 9049 Ancient Bronze

29. 9051 New Gold

30. 9054 Polished Silver

31. 9078 Surf Aqua

32. 9044 Tanned Skin

33. 9225 Redstone Highlight

34. 9164 Dark Elf Skin

35. 9072 Rust Brown

36. 29817 Winter Blue

37. 29820 Gem Purple

38. 29837 Armor Grey

39. 9005 Phoenix Red

40. 9020 Twilight Blue

41. 9008 Sun Yellow

42. 9143 Yellowed Bone

43. 29813 Bright Turquoise

44. 9083 Highlands Moss

45. 9026 Violet Red

46. 29826 Desert Tan

47. 9068 Rosy Skin

48. 29832 Concrete Grey

49. 9055 Breonne Blue

50. 29828 Woodland Brown

51. 29830 Ruddy Brown

52. 29803 Entrail Pink

53. 9242 Carrot top Red

54. 09268 Volcano Brown

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OK I now have some time before going home.  These are my must have/go to colors:


09256-58 Blonde hair triad

Linen White

Brown Liner (I like Blue too but use more Brown)

09289 Noir Black

09280 Nightmare Black

09163-65 Dark Elf Skin (you said you had skin tones but I had to add these anyways)

09241-43 Red Hair triad

09031 Tanned Leather

09052 Shadowed Steel (my not too bright metallic)

09125 Scorched Metal (nice dark brass/bronze/gold color)


29834 HD Field Grey


Most of the other colors are whatever shade of green, brown, blue, purple and so forth.  I grab whichever one look good on my rack.  The above are the colors I pull out all of the time by name.

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Assuming most or all of my list above is still available it would be my recommendation for a limit of 54.  If 108 is possible then HD plus Bones paint is a superior list.  In both cases the idea is to give enough range that you can make what you don't have and make your own shade/highlight.  I'm noting this because the list I built and the reason I like the HD+Bones combo is strictly utility over preference.  Mostly because my preferential list is just ALL OF THE PAINTS.

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I make heavy use of the following:


Walnut Brown: It's very close to black, but not quite as stark.  I use it extensively in washes, for eyebrows on dark-haired people, as a base color to put metallic paints on, and for painting the edges of bases -- you know, the sloping-down edges of the circle.


Aged Bone: I use this for horns, bones, any kind of bony material, usually with a thin wash of sepia and white highlights.  I also use it for highlighting the brightest parts of grey rocks.  It's got a tiny bit of brown in it which adds depth to the color.


The Fair Skin triad: I know you said you've got these already, but just sayin'.


The Purple Triad:  Mixing a good purple is hard.  I actually only have Imperial Purple and Amethyst Purple from this triad.  I use Amethyst Purple in the base layer for skin tones: a layer of 1:1 Amethyst Purple/Fair Skin for white females, or 1:1 Amethyst Purple/Tanned Skin for white males, then work up through the ordinary skin tone triads in successive thin layers of paint.  It's also useful for adding shadows to green cloaks and such.


Oiled Leather:  great for leather, as it says on the tin, but I find myself using it for many other things, including hair, wood, and sometimes a thin wash of it for sandstone.  It's got a fair amount of red in it, which makes the color vivid, but it's still unmistakably BROWN.


Stone Grey:  because rocks.  But I will also mix small amounts of it into more vivid colors when I want to mute them down and cut their saturation.


There are plenty of others that I use regularly, but these stand out as showing up in practically everything I paint.

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Thank you!  These are very helpful!

Yes... my eventual ultimate quest is to have them all... but I need to start somewhere after my skin tones so that I can use more Reaper than Vallejo.  Nothing wrong with the VMC, but I would rather buy from a paint line I can get a LOT more easily and from a line I actually intend to expand rather than replace.

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Basically the more colours you acquire then generally the more work you save (this being why triads are so useful).  But you can trade doing more work for a smaller base palette if necessary.  The Apocalyptically Minimalist List *does* let you do everything, but is so much work and wasted paint it's really only useful in the most dire need or as a novel trick.

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9 minutes ago, Grayfax said:

Thank you!  These are very helpful!

Yes... my eventual ultimate quest is to have them all... but I need to start somewhere after my skin tones so that I can use more Reaper than Vallejo.  Nothing wrong with the VMC, but I would rather buy from a paint line I can get a LOT more easily and from a line I actually intend to expand rather than replace.


I've been buying paint every month as my vehicle to get the anniversary mini.

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My favorite colors, other than skin tones, white and black (in no particular order):

Weathered stone

Shadowed stone

Military grey - a lovely bluish grey

Oiled leather - possibly my single most used paint, after white and black

Palomino gold - magic in a bottle

Frontier blue - or other dark or navy blue

Ancient oak - a lovely dark bluish green

Blackened brown - in running for competition with oiled leather

Cinnamon red - nice bright red with good coverage

Clear purple

Fireball orange

Creamy ivory

Tropical blue

Clear green

Dragon gold

Blade steel

Dragon copper

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I own a lot of paints mostly Reaper and Scale 75.


My Reaper favorites are:


09721: Off-Whites  ( Triad:  Linen White, Leather White, Ghost White)

09746: Classic Browns  ( Triad : Walnut Brown, Blackened Brown, Intense Brown)

09708: Royal Purples  ( Triad: Nightshade Purple, Imperial Purple, Amethyst Purple)

09780: Royal Purple  ( Triad: Regal Purple, Monarch Purple, Royal Purple)

09781: Red Hair ( Triad: Auburn Shadow, Carrottop Red, Highlight Orange)

09726: Ocean Colors ( Triad: Deep Ocean, Marine Teal, Surf Aqua)

09716: Fair Skin Tones ( Triad: Fair Shadow, Fair Skin, Fair Highlight)

09723: Rosy Skintones  ( Triad: Rosy Shadow, Rosy Skin, Rosy Highlight)

09715: Medium Skin Tone  ( Triad: Tanned Shadow, Tanned Skin, Tanned Highlight)

09419: Tropical Blue

09709: Violet Reds  ( Triad: Burgundy Wine, Violet Red,Pale Violet Red)

09728: Moss Colors ( Triad:Jungle Moss, Highland Moss, Pale Lichen)


I could go on, but these are my favorites, yep lots of skintones and purples.

These are a fraction of my paint collection...


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