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Greebo Games Obsidian Dusk Elf Football team


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6 hours ago, Dan d'Lyon said:

I hopped in (get it?) not thinking about the chainsaw I just bought.  Actually got one of the resin pledges, but I'm going to drop it at some point here and just pick up a couple individual models, I think.  I can afford that.  Bones 4 and Gencon are coming up quickly.....


I'd be willing to take the resin pledge off your hands (if there was a way to transfer it)......


Reverend Shartan

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1 hour ago, fanguad said:

Is metal their standard material?  I saw the shots of the resin models and assumed that was the default.


Yes, metal is their standard.. they tried Resin on the last KS and it proved too much for them.. the quality is great but they are a 3 person team.. 

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1 hour ago, SamuraiJack said:

I'm still dreading what that Hydra is going to cost in the PM.. but I buy these for PC/NPC minis and not football teams so.. 


Same here.  That's a be a big chunk of material.  Did they say whether it was going to be resin or metal?  Gonna be a big hit to shipping as well.

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