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Greebo Games Obsidian Dusk Elf Football team


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Step one: "I don't need this." 
Step two: "I just bought their Bretonnian team, so I can't afford it!" 
Step three: "Okay okay, but I will ONLY buy the core team!" 
Step four: "I also need this add-on, and that add-on, and those add-ons.. Can't live without that one of course.. Don't need that other one, but it looks cool, so..." 
Step five: *Pledged 193€* *Sigh*


Stupid Greebo Kickstarters... :P And that hydra is also a must have.. I sure hope it isn't available in the PM - Which is also what I have understood so far from the KS comments?

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1 hour ago, pcktlnt said:

I did not. I cherry picked my figures and chose metal. Not sure what figures are holding up my pledge. 

I got the full team, plus a Hydra, and a few select additions - None from their store though, this time around. All metal, except the freeman and hydra of course, which was only in resin.


The Hydra and Treeman were both perfect resin casts, so I was very happy about that! But for those of you that want the treeman in metal, you can quickly get hold of Greebo and get a free change if you don't want resin, as they have started making him as such also, due to problems with resin in general.

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