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13 minutes ago, Egg of Coot said:

More old Ral Partha!  Seeing these figs painted does my heart good.  Excellent work.


The Egg

As per the Federal Governments Dietary Guidelines, a heart full of miniatures is a healthy heart. And if not healthy, at least happy.

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9 hours ago, Tjrez said:

very nice. great work on the bases and your painting is very clean.

Thanks Tjrez!

With these, I was actually really pleased how my grass turned out.  Lots of times I'll do grass and it ends up overwhelming the figures' feet, but both of these show a bit of grass and the feet can be seen a the same time.


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1 hour ago, Chaoswolf said:

I don't think I've seen those figures before; very cool!



They are some really old Partha pieces sculpted by Dennis Mize. I think the date stamped on them was 1979 but I could be wrong. They were part of Dennis Mize's "Children of the Night" series. The female samurai was from a set of Samurai  Adventurers or player characters and the dwarf samurai was from a pack of dwarf player characters too. They are both still out on the Ral Partha online catalogue to purchase and the dwarf samurai was recently added to their Chaos Wars line as well. 

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