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These mold lines are intense. They aren't really that visible, but they seem to be in all the hard to reach areas. Some don't even make sense on where they are.


I have been working on the mold lines since my previous post and I finished the minis on the black tray (about half of what I was hoping to).




The color scheme will draw heavily from the color of the plastic for all of these minis. My goals are for the minis to noticeably belong to their faction and for the minis to pop at the table.

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Mold lines removed.


Cthulhu has a decent amount of gap where his wings connect. Do you guys think I should try to boil his and pry the wings off in order to reseat them or should I gap fill?




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I got lost looking at reference art and photos. I am thinking I might go with a Green/Yellow/Dark Blue scheme for this faction, but I am not sold on it yet. Going to sleep on it.

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I would boil and reset and gap-fill whatever's left. Though if you're going to do this to other ones, you might want to boil them before you remove the mold lines.  


Looking forward to your work on these. 

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5 hours ago, Rahz said:

I would boil and reset and gap-fill whatever's left. Though if you're going to do this to other ones, you might want to boil them before you remove the mold lines.  


Looking forward to your work on these. 

Why boil before mold line removal?

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I have been testing some colors on a Bones mini. I didn't do any highlights on the head and only have Green Liner on the wings, but what do you guys think so far? 





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