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This feels like a dumb newbie question but: is there any issues or gotchas with mixing materials when modifying or converting minis and making bases? (Other than a light plastic mini falling over thanks to its big metal weapon I guess.) Obviously I'd need a primer that works on all of them, and it seems like CA glue ought to keep them all together, anything else?

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You've pretty much got it.  I don't prime the Bones bits, but if a bit of primer gets on the Bones it's not the end of the world.  Spray primer is the only thing that I would avoid, since it can cause tackiness with Bones.  Green stuff and other putties should work more or less as usual, if you're a Sculpey person I would not bake the Bones with it.  

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If CA works well for you, great. I kind of hate it and have switched mostly to either epoxy for most figures or a plastic weld compound like MEK for styrene to styrene bonds. One exception is that CA works great for PVC to PVC bonds as in Bones figures. Bonding can be a real gotcha, depending on exactly what sort of plastic "resin" figures are cast in.


Resin dust can be toxic, so use appropriate precautions when sanding or grinding resin figures.


Most resin figures have very low ductility and very limited elastic limits, so if you put pressure on them incorrectly they will snap. This shows up particularly in drilling and cleaning figures. It can also be a problem if you use resin in a gaming figure, as the resin can shatter if dropped.


Metals require more pinning to maintain strength after bonding than plastics.

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I glue metal, Bones and resin together with whatever super glue I have to hand (Gorilla, Loctite). Works perfectly. I prime with gesso or Vallejo brush-on.


If there are only a small amount of Bones bits on the resulting Frankenmodel, then I prime those spots with brush-on with two coats, to seal, then spray prime the rest. The brush-on or gesso will protect the Bones from the spray; you just have to spray light coats so nothing gets wet again.


In general, I do prime my Bones with actual primer or gesso. I know some people seem resistant to this, but I have had issues with previous coats rubbing off during dry brushing or handling, in cases where I had painted directly or used an ink or similar before continuing.


Perhaps because I paint for other people - who sometimes pay me for it - I feel compelled to ensure whatever I make will last. Primer is part of that equation for me.

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I've combined plastic, metal, and resin together with no problems. Adding in Bones bits shouldn't be an issue other than priming as I hear it's fiddly with spray primers and undercoat sprays... spray paint, basically. Someone did an experiment and determined which sprays could be used but I don't know if it's on the forum or through Reaper's website in their Help section - or whatever it's called.


CA seems to work on everything I put my hands on. If in doubt, drill two holes - one on the base model or bit and the other on the thing you're attaching, cut a paper clip so that it fits in between the holes, add CA, and cheer... I'm saying pin it, basically.

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I'd probably prime with Vallejo airbrush primers, and I haven't had trouble with that stuff on Bones.


FWIW I have tried Army Painter spray primers with good results, and I haven't heard of troubles with that brand specifically, although I wouldn't trust a random hardware store spray can and I'll probably stick with the airbrush stuff.

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