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Hall of the Fire Giant King

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Gaming with minis! My oldest was in town and asked to play. So.... Lord Piergeron of Waterdeep pulled four 11th level death row inmates from his prison and forced them into the Fire Giant complex. Barbarian Erik the Butcher, Eldrige the gnome wizard, Father Bertrand the dwarf cleric and the Justicar ( my oldest loves the books). Erik is a mass murderer of priests, father Bertrand didn't know this girls were so young, Eldridge liked to do experiments on folks and the justicar was a vigilante. So at crossbow point they are forced in....


They enter the hall and surprise the first Fire Giant sentry behind the tapestry curtain ( silence spell helped). 


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So they kill the sentry and neutral evil cleric raises Giant to be undead slave ( didn't expect that) . The undead Giant leads them down the hall. Ettin sees them being led by Giant stupid thing walks over to see WTF. Ettin charm monster by gnome wizard. Ettin now friend calls over other ettin into silenced area... undead Giant, friend ettin and party slaughter other ettin.


Worked the first time so rinse, wash , repeat... they ask ettin what is down south hall.,, king and queen bedrooms and guard room. Send ettin to get guards for ambush! As soon as they walk thru tapestry curtain ... pow! Surprise round devastating!


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Into the queen frupy's chambers!  Gnome uses invisibility and scouts ahead. Uses mass invisibility and silence after to sneak party in and beats 3 queen unarmored servants with ettin friend and undead Giant. 


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Next they confront queen frupy: 

she tries to bluff them. No go. The weasels jump from under bed as gnome cast resilient sphere on frupy ( crap). Weasels slaughtered. Group surrounds frupy, dismisses sphere, wrestled her to ground, ties and gags her. Ettin and undead carry her outside complex where evil party interrogated her as to complex (wasn't pretty and I am now wondering about my children). Game ends at 1am. Sleep ...to be continued 


The entrance level printed full size


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Don't tell charcon, but I may steal some of his awesome color scheme ideas for my own fire giants.  I like the ashy, sooty look, it's a nice shake-up to the ubiquitous "black skin, orange everything" look.

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Anyone on here in the Austin area? Looking at moving there. Will need painting and gaming buddies!

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    • By Maledrakh
      From the first Bones kickstarter, or rather, a purchase I made soon after since I did not add on the "Fire Giant Warriors" subset.
      As I have written earlier, I am grinding through getting the older versions of the Giants painted, as the newer versions are both 1) better detailed, and 2) a lot larger. The idea is that if I do not get the older ones done before I start the newer versions, they will never be touched again. Which would be a shame, really.
      This is the only old version Fire Giant I have, as the ones from Bones 3 and out are the new size and design.

      I went with red skin and firey hair and beard.
      The red is new Citadel Screamer Pink, Wazdakka Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet. The steel is Scalecolor Black Metal, Army Painter Plate Mail Metal and Army Painter Shining Silver. The gold is Vallejo Model Color Brass.

      ...and Char Donaye is only one wicket away from retaining the Ashes...
      77179 Fire Giant Bodyguard
      Reaper Miniatures, Bones 1 KS 2012
      Sculpted by Jason Wiebe
      Bonesium PVC.
      60mm round lipped base
      available from reapermini.com
    • By KingMob
      Oh that Werner, he's done it again! Let me introduce you to Vanja, the Fire Giant Queen - original size. She's a great size for an Ogre and as a Player Character. Bones once again! Great level of detail allows so much to be done to bring life to the face. Her armor reminds me of my SCA rig. 
      Autumn hue, same palette as the Huge variation posted earlier. Underpainting/sketching used before paint. Plus! Pushed contrast. (Something a little bird taught me.)
      Gonna paint another. 

    • By KingMob
      For your viewing pleasure is Vanja, the Fire Giant Queen - without that hot, itchy cloak. The spot for her cloak was filled in and sculpted with Green Stuff to match her muscular anatomy. 
      Bones, Basil! Bones! I am continually impressed with the Bones medium. High detail, resilient, and inexpensive. She is going into my Orcs and Goblins Oldhammer Army. 

    • By Crowley
      Giants are one of the types of monsters that I rarely use in my own game, but I happen to be playing in Storm King's Thunder, which is an entire module about giants. So yet again I find myself painting some monsters for my DM to use against me. This time it includes the Frost Giant King that I skipped out of Bones 3. 
      I primed them with Reaper's Liners, Red for the Fire Giant Jailer, Grey for the Frost Giant King, and Blue for the Storm Giant. 

      Much like the Sepia Liner, Red Liner doesn't seem to have the same adhesive quality as the Brown, Blue, and Grey Liners. Also, for some reason it smells really bad. However mostly it was the rubbing off issue that caused me to repaint it. 
      After priming them over the weekend, I sat down tonight and spent about 2 hours getting as much done as I could, hoping to have them table ready for Wednesday. I've got another 2 hours or so tomorrow that I'll get to spend on them, so here's hoping... 

    • By jonaas33
      The one good thing about being snowed in over a weekend is that I had nothing to do but paint.  I ordered this giant a few months ago, but couldn't bring myself to get started. Turns out a random April snow storm was just the excuse I needed!
      My original plan was to make him albino, with skin like burned charcoal or ash. After I did the 2nd layer of greys, I decided that I really liked the stony look, and left it.  I went with a black beard with orange tips to resemble candle wicks that have just burned out.  Overall I think skin and beard combo make him look older/wiser/angrier. 
      Critiques and advice are always welcome!  Thanks in advance!

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