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July 4th WIP

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I painted a mini today.  Due to her unfortunate Bonesium nature she became a test piece for the new inks that I picked up, as well as an experiment in painting a mini entirely in washes.  There is matte medium mixed in with the inks, but their gloss power is too high.  Hence, she will be shiny until sealed.


The afternoon pics; she's not quite looking where I want her to:



And this evenings pics.  She is looking more or less in the proper direction now.  She also has some 80s fantasy armor so I could try out my blue ink.  The stupid spear did get in the way though.  If you haven't painted her yet consider ripping her right arm out of its socket.





Her base won't remain a pile of mud.  Once it is all sealed I'll put down some grass over most of it.


Now, so this thread won't have only one post,  what did you paint today?  Feel free to share.

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