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Lt. Coldfire

Female Archer from Dark Sword Miniatures

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She is one that I really want, she is so stinkin' cute! Nicely painted. I like the colors you chose. The aqua and blue compliments the red hair. Pretty!

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Great paint job.  I really like how realistic this mini is, the bow looks as though it was sculpted by someone familiar with archery as opposed to the video game nonsense often seen in miniatures.

Good paintin'!

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A well-sculpted Dark Sword figure and a really nice paint job.  Bobby Jackson did the fine sculpting on a simple, elegant pose.  Lt. Coldfire's colors are super similar to the stock photos by Marike, and they work beautifully.


I checked this one on their site and there's no bare metal photo.  I'm glad Reaper shows their almost bare metal figures (with primer) most of the time.  It's nice to see what you're starting with.


For the curious, here's a pic of SKU DSM7311 painted by Marike:




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I have to echo everyone else and say the colors choice and application are beautiful. The sculpt has a great deal of life to it and you've really made it pop!

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