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Taste Of Horror

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About this project


Hello everyone, 

Welcome backers from our first campaign on Kickstarter, "Taste Of Horror" Busts collection. For this range, we have been inspired in classic horror characters.



About Mystical World Miniatures


We are a growing company specialized in resin miniatures and elements, from Barcelona (Spain) and currently have some projects in progress with Hammerlot Games.

We imagine and create high-quality resin bases and accessories from our original miniatures universe. With an experience of 3 years in the sculpt world business with more than 80 different models marketed in Bases, Scenery and Viking miniatures.


Hammerlot Games is a young company, of which now Mystical World Miniatures is part, since this year 2017. This union did take place to strengthen the structure of both brands, the original team of Mystical World Miniatures continues in charge of the design of all products.

The objective of this new stage is improving and overcome us increasing to continue offering new and better creations, those creatures and characters that we know you like so much.

For more information, please visit: 

Our project 

We are fans of the legends and the characters of terror from always. Finally one day the project to create together incredible busts from this universe was born, now, we want to shape our dream that we also hope it is yours and you can enjoy it as we do.




The objective of this project is to produce a new Horror Busts range 1/8 scale (50 mm approximately) resin for collectors and horror loverly painters. The full range consist of Plastic Resin pieces (High Quality Resin) as shown on this Kickstarter project page.

Our busts collection "Taste Of Horror" is ready for some time now but really need your help to bring these into the market. Producing busts in high quality resin is quite expensive.

This Kickstarter, with your help, make it possible for us release them sooner than we would have done through the regular channels.

Now we let you discover the world of "Taste Of Horror", we hope you love it and contribute!

PLEASE NOTE: These busts are not toys and not recommended for children under 14 years of age. All figures are supplied unpainted.




DRACULA: For some an aristocrat, for others the last thing they will see ... with his kiss of death there is no maiden to resist him. The legend that everyone fears at nightfall ...



ZOMBIE: A secret project in military installations that did not go as expected, what claimed to be the perfect weapon has become the destruction of man.


WEREWOLF: Mysterious disappearances, dismembered bodies .... terrible things are happening and nobody knows who is responsible. A strange being is now among us, night howls under the full moon.


THE MUMMY: Cursed and buried in the depths of the Egyptian lands, this being awakens to bring terror to humanity. Each day that passes, he regains his strength and his power is increasing, soon there will be no one to stop him ...



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Just backer this one to get all six busts even though the sixth one hasn't unlocked yet....  it will!  Hoping they are able to do a few more.  I like the characterizations they are doing.   

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      Just saw this on my Facebook feed. Hot and Dangerous was a Kickstarter from Wargamer studio. It was for 32mm and larger pin up miniatures of ladies in historical uniforms and armor. Pin up is not truly accurate. Some had poses that were not fighting stances but most were not really “sexy” poses, and all were fully dressed and armored... one had a wardrobe malfunction but not too terribly so..,
      Anyway. My Facebook feed shows that a part 2 will be coming to Kickstarter soon. I was satisfied with the first one. 
      @Glitterwolf looks like there will be a conquistador in this one. 

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      Lots of dwarves..
      Lots of pictures
      Lots of links in the KS text I don't have time to edit out right now if I cut and paste..
    • By SamuraiJack
      3D File Design
      Miniatures come in as a single-part with a separate base, or sliced into parts, where it helps in printing or when there are different part options, such as different weapons. For best results, we recommend resin printers as they will capture all of the fine detail of the models, though filament (FDM) printers will produce great results also. Scenery STL files are designed for FDM printing and come sliced and keyed and are set up to fit within a print area of 220 x 220 mm.
      STL rewards from the main pledges are set for delivery via download links after the project ends, within the first 3 weeks. Stretch goals may take longer as we may need to complete the 3D sculpting before they are available, but they should be done within 4-6 weeks.
      We are providing the models with a pre-supported option for those that want them. Pre-supported models are created with Chitubox.
      Sample Prints
      Below are castings made from resin prints from this project. 
      Pledge Levels
      There are three main pledge types. The Adventurer pledge get the Core Rewards, which include miniatures and scenery and stretch goals for individual character miniatures. Other stretch goals can be added for an additional amount as shown on their picture. The Champion pledge gets the Core Rewards and all of the stretch goals as well as the New Add-Ons. Finally, the Treasure Hoard includes all of the Core Rewards, stretch goals and the New Add-Ons as well as Add-Ons from previous projects (Multiple GB of files). There are also special early-bird pledges for the Champion and Treasure Hoard at a reduced price. Each pledge level gets its STL Rewards as well as PDF rulebook files for DeepWars and ShadowSea and the Stygian Depths.
      If you want just to collaborate or have access to the Add-Ons you may consider the Basic level at just $1. These backers get the Rulebook  PDFs, so it is a great way to get playing.
      Any pledge level can be modified with the addition of Add-Ons, shown  at the bottom of the page. Simply increase your pledge amount for the  add-on you want.
        Stretch Goals
      If we are funded past the initial goal, we will unlock Stretch Goals. Some stretch goals may be available for an additional cost for the Adventurer pledge but are all free to Champion and Treasure Hoard backers.
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      Introducing a new set of 28mm Alternative Fantasy Miniatures by Quartermaster 3D Studio
      Welcome to our debut Kickstarter campaign! This campaign is all about providing you with a range of high-quality 28mm fantasy miniatures for use in any applicable fantasy system. There are options for both digital delivery in the form of pre-supported STL files and for those without 3D printing capacity, we have an option for physical delivery of 3D printed copies brought to you by our partners at Northern Lights Terrain.
      The Sculpts of the Core Set
      The core set is made up of 7 different lines of miniatures. These miniatures are scaled to roughly 28mm to the eye and come as pre-supported STL files and as Chitubox project files.  Each line comes with 6 unique poses. Unless otherwise stated, each pose is printed as a single object.
      Line 1: Foot Knights Line 2: Mounted Knights Line 3: Pikemen Line 4: Axemen Line 5: Scout Archers Line 6: Long Swordsmen Line 7: Command Group
        Line 1:  Foot Knights
      This is our flagship line for this project and because of that they're offered with empty right hands and multiple weapon and shield options so you can customize their load out and paint your own heraldry on their shields. This line also comes with the knights weapon pack. The 6 unique poses are shown below. 
      Note: The photos of foot knights shown below have been given swords and shields in render so people can see how they look equipped. Actual models are modular as shown in the last picture. 
      Foot Knight Poses 1-3 Foot Knight Poses 4-6 Knight Modular Weapon Pack Line 2: Mounted Knights
      Just like the foot knights these models come with empty right hands to accommodate the knights weapon pack (Images below shown with weapons for display purposes). The hands can also fit 1.2 - 1.3mm brass rods for those who want to swap out resin lances for something more sturdy. Lance tips that fit 1.2-1.3mm brass rods are provided.
      Note: The photos of mounted knights shown below have been given lances and shields in render so people can see how they look equipped. Actual models are modular as shown in the last picture. 
      Mounted Knights 1-3 Mounted Knights 4-6 Mounted Knight comes with weapon pack Line 3: Pikemen
      Pikemen poses 1-3 Pikemen poses 4-6 Line 4: Axemen
      Axemen poses 1-3 Axemen poses 4-6 Line 5: Scout Archers
      Archer poses 1-3 Archer poses 4-6 Line 6: Long Swordsmen
      Long Swordsmen 1-3 Long Swordsmen poses 4-6 Line 7: Command Group
      Saved the best for last...In this line, backers will get a General, Knight Captain, Knight Banner, Axeman Captain, Archer Captain and Long swordsmen Captain. 
      General - Knight Captain - Banner Axe Captain - Scout Captain - Longsword Captain Everything Pre-supported!
      Backers will receive everything as pre-supported STL files. Models were painstakingly supported one support at a time in Chitubox to the best of my abilities. Everything has been test printed so you shouldn't have any problems.
      Pre-supported in Chitubox  
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