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Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

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While I think that the hero_B looks good, and has a dynamic pose, the foot-on-the-stone doesn't really add anything to the figure. They could have the exact same pose with the exact same amount of movement in it without the stone. But apart from that detail I like it. The weapons look sutiable brutal for these women, too. :)


Furthermore, I also like the casualty. And as it is listed as _A I can only assume they have plans on a few more. These casualty figures would work in several different settings and game systems, so good stuff to include that one. :)

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On 22/09/2017 at 3:30 PM, Paradoxical Mouse said:


Someone should quote me if that next 35k stretch goal is met. I want the Sisters of Wolves starter army (for bits) but cost just doesn't add up for me without the 20 people per box, since I'm not a war gamer.  


Sisters of Wolves are now at 20 per box (as of some time yesterday). Hope this helps to remind you :).

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If you are looking at using the wolf wardens for bits, I can say that the shield maidens scale pretty well with GW bits. And look pretty good next to them. I played around with some great sword bits and they fit nicely. The maiden is a little taller than a normal GW great sword guy but not overly so. 


If the kickstarter gets to the paladins i will br very happy. 






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