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Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

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1 minute ago, Reaperbryan said:

I'm just clever enough to filter out exact duplicates. Can't help the people with typos though

Yah, so there may be someone out there going, WTH, why did I get this e-mail haha. Oh, and when does this thread lock and the other two go live? midnight CST or when Bones 4 goes live?

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42 minutes ago, Reaperbryan said:

5:00 PM UTC

That is 750 Beat Time.  If that helps those other 2 people that still dig Swatch!

15 minutes ago, Reaper Ron said:

Pre-Bones 4 teaser pic. This is from the desk of Bob Ridolfi and Julie Guthrie. 


Maybe these are for Bones 4. Maybe they're not. :)

000_0009 (1).JPG

Interesting wire work in and around that DDS terrain in the back... or... is this an add-on to DDS?!?

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