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Metalchaos Tabletop Village WIP

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As suggested by Pochi on her Cottage WIP, I'm starting this new topic today to show you my progress on building my little world. I'll be assembling, converting and painting buildings a scenery to edify my own country side village.


I've been eyeing Tabletop World products for a while and recently desided to go for it and placed my first order. I'll launch my WIP with the Water Well since I already started assembling it and primed it. I think it's the perfect piece to start with. It's easy to assemble and any village needs a good source of fresh water to survive and flourish.


Like I said, I already started to assemble it. The Water Weel comes in six parts. Here, I've assembled the otw side posts and the rotating rope beam to the stone well. Just like Pochi and Tiniest rhombus in is WIP, I chose to use white primer to obtain brighter colors when I'll start painting. There wasn't much if any mold lines at all on the parts, so I simply cleaned everything to make sure that all the mold release product was washed.




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I didn't realize it came unassembled. That's cool. Might make some parts easier to paint before adding the roof.

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22 hours ago, Pochi said:

I didn't realize it came unassembled. That's cool. Might make some parts easier to paint before adding the roof.

Yes, it comes in six part, it is easy to assemble and really makes the painting process much easier.


I finally decided to go with the realistic color scheme. For the wooden parts will I'll mainly be using 9028 Muddy Brown,  9030 Leather Brown and 9031 Tanned Leather. For the stones I'll be using 9660 Powderburn Brown which is a "Promo Color" and various tones of Grey; 09251 Disky Skin, 9086 Stone Grey, 9293 Alien Flesh, 9274 Vampiric Shadow and 9275 Vapiric Skin. I will add color on some of the stones too.


So, I started basecoating all the wooden parts with 9028 Muddy Brown and the stones with 9660 Powderburn Brown. I thinned down the paint with 1 part of water for 4 parts of paint to make sure the paint will flow in all the cracks. Even if I need to apply two layers of paint to get an even basecoat, I prefer this techinque as I find it much faster to cover bigger surface and it helps keeping all the texture details.





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Ok, so I apply another layer of diluted 9660 Powderburn Brown before starting building up the grey tones.






Then, I brushed a layer of 9086, Stone Grey over all the stones. At this stage, I'm using a 9mm (0.35 inch) wide brush.

It looks rough for now, but I'm confident that it will get better.







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To avoid getting a monotonous grey, I alternated by painting some stone in 9251 Dusky Skin color. Here, I used a smaller brush not to touch adjacent stones. I then mixed 9293 Alien Flesh, 9280 Nightmare Black and 9251 Dusky Skin and painted some other stones in a bluish grey color.

















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The cracks between the stone were not dark enoght to my taste. I wanted to add more shading, so I applied a layer of Citadel Agrax Earthshade all over the stones.






Then, I applied a 9086, Stone Grey drybrush and re-highlighted the darker and bluish stones.










Finally, I applied a 9293 Alien Flesh drybrush on all the stones and a light 9031 Tanned Leather on some spots. I think it looks nice like that, so I will move forward and paint the wooden parts.





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      Finally, the wood flooring I would like to look a little more aged. I'm kind of worried about adding grey or white with dry brushing but will probably end up doing that. The wood color was a brown paint I had mixed up at the hardware store, so I figured I would brush some burnt umber over it and then go with some kind of gray and then white for the aged look. 
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      Thank you for reading my post. Sorry about the length.
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