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Photo Gallery from World Expo - Chicago


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This past week I had the pleasure of attending the World Expo in the Chicago.  This miniatures / modelers convention travels every three years and features some of the best work in the world. 


It took me over three hours to go through the entries submitted for judging. I could have taken longer.  

The next convention will be held in the Netherlands. (It's good to have goals right?)




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If the realization that you may never attain that level of artistry doesn't depress you...never had that effect on me, those are some BEAUTIFUL sources of inspiration. The free hand on some of the creations was INCREDIBLEWONDERFUL STUFF! Thanks for the post.

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I wasn't depressed seeing the work - although it was very humbling seeing the level of artistry on display. I'm really inspired. The free hand work was truly exceptional - but so were the dioramas.  I forgot to upload one of my favorites - a Nazi train yard.  I uploaded three pictures of the piece with this post. (The thing was massive - like 4' by 3' by 3'. )




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Very nice seeing all the variety. I'm surprised at how many figures I recognized aside from Reaper's.


The only downside of pictures like those is that you don't get an idea of the scale of each (needs more Forscales or bryangles).

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